4 thoughts on “Unoa Freak”

  1. I want that book so badly, love Unoa XD But, when’s it coming out. I’m moving in July-ish and I don’t want to have to worry about it not getting to me.

  2. I looked through that today at Volks…. it’s really pretty cool. (But I’m not so into UNOAs). Lots of info and great pictures. I almost got it for a tutorial on making eyes.

  3. Just got my UNOA Freak! book today from japan. it’s worth every yen I paid. I adore it. Love all the links and tutorials. Too bad my Japanese isn’t so atsui.
    I have snagged a few Unoas in both sizes, hope to offer them on Ebay some day. Can’t decide if I like the faces done in-house or customized by others best… they sure do lend themselves to being so beauty!!!

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