Ooooh, finally!

Won the Lusis orgasmic face on YJP. Phew! Paid too much, but dammint! I’ve been trying for a month.
Yay. More dorries, less politics.
“America! Fuck yeah!
Kissin’ my boyfriend on the corner, oh yeah!”
Rewriting the “Team America” lyrics is fun when driving around The City.

2 thoughts on “Ooooh, finally!”

  1. Well said!! I’ve always dreamed of someday living in America, but for now anyway, I’m glad I don’t.

  2. I love the unoa orgasmic face. i dont really like unoa too much – but that face- i’de get a big busted unoa with that face.. because it’s just so rad *_* contingent upon if i had money 😛

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