St. Trinian likes to kick her legs in the air and smoke too many cigarettes.

I think it looks like she’s yawning! This face is SO cute. There are little inserts for her mouth, a palette, tonsils and front teeth, and a little tongue for the bottom. Can’t really get the light to reflect off her little pink tonsils but they are SO CUTE. Gah.
Happy MSD nursie outfit from YJP. A little big, but the synching helped. Now, another wig I bought that was supposed to be a 6 and had a Unoa picture on it is way oversized. And I was trying to get away with just a little velcro on her head but the wig don’t stick to it, and I think I just like my moleskin better. It don’t tangle wigs up. Nyah.

4 thoughts on “Oh!”

  1. I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again … I now want a Lusis just so I can get the “OH!” face to go along with it.
    I was showing the pictures of Grace’s Lusis wearing this face to my b/f, and mentioning the removable tongue … and then he asked:
    “So, can she stick her tongue out, or can you only put it in and take it out? It would be neat if she could have it sticking out.”
    And I’ve been pondering this ever since. It would, indeed, be nifty to have a doll that could lick random things.

  2. I love your doll. In the ones where she is laying down it looks like she is Alice In Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. She is so sweet.

  3. I think “doillseye” said it best, what a way to come back! You have done exactly what I expected and she is GAWGEOUS!
    I almost didn’t want to come visit cuz I figured I’d go mad with jealousy! Heh, that me remedied soon >__< I think that while the saucy face is top notch I love her Lusis face, damn she is beautific eh?
    Oh and can I say that I can’t help but guffaw every time I see those heads in your Hello Kitty cabinet? Too funny, let them out!

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