And I just want to say thank you to everyone who has written and commented. Too sad to reply to everyone but it is awesome and sweet and kind and wonderful.
I love to make the livejournal girls cry. Go me.

2 thoughts on “OH!”

  1. Damn… I was hoping it was just, I dunno… Just a bug she had… or a bump on the noggin…. *sighs*
    Hard luck, I’m sorry for the poor dear… My ferret died recently so I know how you’re feeling. At least she isn’t in any pain or anything and It was super nice the doc didn’t charge an arm and a leg… I know how pricey vet visits can get.
    *runs off to hug her kitties*

  2. You’ and Mr. Kallisti are wonderful for doing all you could for that kitty.
    I know i would’ve done the same, bills be damned. It’s unfortunate that she is beyond medical assitance however, but better that she was helped as much as possible rather than to have been all alone (God that’s horribly sad!).
    Have you considered reporting the poisoning to a local humae society or something for possible investigation, that’s a disgusting thing to do an animal and whoever’s responsible should be punished (in my world, punished in a similar, painful way, I’m vindictive like that…).

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