Fairy in the hatbox


Amazing. That is a Gene Marshall dress. the first and last snaps fasten but not the waiste. Meh. About 1/2″ (?) to small I think. Super for photos too. Also, the Fashion Victims PVC cheerleader outfit fits if you cut out the sewn-in panties and don’t mind it being REAL SHORT. Gonna have to make her some black panties to wear with.
But I think I love her best in the frothy vintagey garb. Mmmmm.
Oh yes, and this wig took a HUGE trim in the bangs and lots of strategically placed velcro. It was supposed to be UNOA sized but I have a feeling it was really MSD. But I LOVE IT. Must get more wigs in that “milk” color.

5 thoughts on “Fairy in the hatbox”

  1. >cries< She is SO pretty! I love the green with the gradated pink! I had no idea that wig came in smaller sizes, never saw one before, where did you find it?
    Also: What sorts of shoes do you have for her? I’ve been slowly accumulating Unoa clothes for my impending Lusis (3 outfits so far!) and realized I haven’t gotten shoes yet.
    Damn even her bare feet rock.

  2. The wig I found randomly on YJP 🙂 but it might be a Leeke wig? I need to order some of theirs…
    The boots are from Dollheart.com and are a good fit! I’m waiting on some little lolita shoes from them, we’ll see how they fit. Some might be too wide? Otherwise, they should fit. I hearts Dollheart!

  3. I love her in all different kinds of things, like this and in the awesome vintagey garb. She still seems to have that ‘Kallisti’ style, whatever she wears! I know I’ve said this before, but I adore the way you paint lips, they’re so distinctive to your doll family and I think all of the moods and effects of that come across totally. It’s a really lovely combination of depth of personality and a lot of fun!

  4. ^_^ ok ok i really want to know where u got her shes so beautiful and that wig looks so cute on her ~_~ im so jelous O.o

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