Friday is my last day at Ye Olde Company. I am chomping at the bit. Rawr. We have our exit interview at 11am and then Mr. Kallisti and I are off to Reno for the weekend to celebrate the crossroads.
All Hail Hecate!
Yay Reno. We’re staying at the Peppermill. The single most hilarious non-themed hotel in existance. It is so 80’s I die. All black lacquer and pink velvet and smokey mirrors, mwowr.

Their buffet has a rainforest and they have the Fish Bar, which has all fishtanks for walls. I think I will eat 15lbs of crabs legs this weekend. That is all.
Aaaeeeeiiiieeeeeeeeeeee! A little bit o’ vegas two hours away. Oh, and don’t forget the snow at Tahoe. Weeeeeeeeee!
Mmmm. Weekend. New job. Big lob of CASH. Mmmmmm.
Get. Me. Out of here.