July in San Francisco

Mr. Kallisti: Why’d the picture all come out so funny and washed out?
Me: Because it is July in San Francisco and it is cold and grey outside.
We spent the 2nd in the other China Town: Clement Street. But first stop was Bill’s Place on Clement & 24th. Yarm! Perfect example of the greasy spoon with yummy food. Their french fries are to die for.

And then… we went to Heroe’s Club.

I brought home one of the Mimo figures. Part figure, part doll, along similar lines to the new Volks CF and pure neemo w/o the poseability. I brought home cutie gothic lolita girl w/ parasol. I also really liked the figure store clerk pictured above. Cute!
Mr. Kallisti brought home a set of mini vinyl called the Bullmark Encyclopedia. Here’s from his flickr:

“One day, I will have a collection the likes of which no one has seen. Oh-oh-oh OOH, EEE AhAh AAHHH!!”

2 thoughts on “July in San Francisco”

  1. Man…why does San Fransisco have to be SO awesome and SO far away…??
    Anyway, do Mimo clothes fit blythe? Or are they like, pinky st. scale?

  2. I think they’re juuuuust too small for Blythe. But not quite as small as Pinky. Some of their clothes are painted on. Like their stockings/garters on mine.

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