Don’t forget! This week is GodzillaFest!

Godzirra Fest Now!
An old friend of mine is one of the organizers too.
Unfortunately, crappy health will keep me home for all but one day. I think we’re going to go to the FRIDAY NIGHT ALL-STAR GALA at The Castro. Mebbe I’ll bring Fifi. Wee! Wah, but I wanted to see Mothra on Saturday! Cry. Maybe we could see both days. Hrm. My doctor would be mad at me though.
We spent Saturday morning in Japantown. I snuck and bought Mr. Kallisti the best “Son of Godzilla” t-shirt, and he bought me this AMAZING Ball Joint Doll photo art book called “Alice” (which happens to be my middle name)… I’ll have to scan some stuff and post later.