What does one need for one’s first trip to Europe?
Cyber-shot® Digital CameraDSC-T20/P
Tha’s right! The world’s greatest pink camera. Sony is da bomb when it comes to styling. Makes nice cameras too. That picture makes it look huge. It is tiny. 4oz w/o tiny battery.
Saw it at the Metreon Sony Store last week. Became obsessed. Had a bad day yesterday. Needed shopping therapy. Big box stores are retarded and worse, do not stock pink cameras. So we ordered it online. Saved some tax, yo.
If anyone is interested in my fab little Nikon Coolpix 4300 for $110 + some shipping, let me know. When the new cammy gets here (a week I hope) it’ll be going on ebay. Here are the specs: Nikon Coolpix 4300 – 4 megapixel!
It comes with manual, small nylon camera bag, extra battery, charger, and prolly some other stuff if we still have the box ^_^ We’ve used it well, but it has never been dropped or abused. And it got really great CNet reviews a couple years ago!

7 thoughts on “D-d-d-d-digicam!”

  1. *squee* I’m literally drooling!
    Oh, if only I didn’t have so many medical bills this month! Guess my current coolpix camera will have to do for a while longer.

  2. Hold on to that camera as if it were your child! My brother borrowed mine for his trip to Europe last summer and it stayed there… Someone thought they had a right to it along with his brand new glasses.
    Also, don’t sleep in parks overnight 😛
    Have a jolly time, I are jealous.

  3. Ooh! I am interested! I have to do my camera research this weekend, after which point I’ll know for sure — but hold onto it for me?
    Thanks — and do hope this new one means plenty of pics to share of your upcoming trip! 😀

  4. Hi Sheila! I have another week before I need to put it on ebay, let me know if you’re interested soon, you’re the first to ask ^_^
    xo, b

  5. Any chance that camera is still available? I’m needing a simple camera for taking pictures of my jewelry, please let me know, and congrats on your European trip!

  6. Actually, I am interested in you camera as well. My camera broke couple of months ago and have been itching to get a new one.

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