At home for the weekend picture project!

Graciously lifted from Anika! Super idea…
We’ve scheduled an at-home weekend to relax, do chores, and catch up on lagging projects.
SO. We’re volunteering to take pictures of anything at or around home (since it will be the weekend) of anything you’d like to see. Stuff, projects, activities. If I don’t get any requests I’ll plan to just post random pictures.
The Rules (lifted pretty much straight from Anika):
♥ Each person may propose up to 2 photograph subjects.
♥ Nothing pornographic or uber gross, hello.
♥ If you want a doll in the pic, be VERY specific or I’ll use my subject-of-choice.
♥ Any other existing pix in my vast archives.
♥ I reserve the right to decline any topic…but I promise I won’t do that unless it involves some form of necessary house cleaning, non-existent athletic ability, waking up at a freaky hour, or a super “personal” topic (although this is variable and hard to define).
♥ Photos will be taken and posted in the order of requests received…chronological-like.
If anyone else wants to take this idea and run with it in your own journal, feel free (I did!).

12 thoughts on “At home for the weekend picture project!”

  1. Well! i get to be first. Yay!
    Since you’re having a lazy weekend [less so once we get through making our requests…], I’d love to see the girls giving themselves the spa treatment. My girl requests: Demelza, St Trinian and Ondine Alice.
    Thanks for the treat!

  2. Oooh! These are fun. Please be shooting:
    1. Piccy of the top of your dresser/bureau/vanity
    2. The inside of your adorable bug (VW that is)

  3. Welp…I’m always interested in any of your sewing projects…also your doll house…heck, I’ll look at ANYTHING you post! Have a great weekend….

  4. Your site is awesome ^^ I just have one question. I would like to know how you made that purple chair ^^ it’s very beautiful and I’m trying to make furniture for dolls and I would appreciate it if you could tell me or anything ^^ If not I understand.

  5. hmmmmm………1.) close-up pic of your face-up supplies….pencils, paints, pastels, brushes, etc.
    2.) a Blythe group pic
    Give St. Trinian a kiss from me!

  6. Hmmm, how about
    1. that wonderfull book shelf that your husband made you, ther one for all the 1/6 & Blythes. Close ups would be great.
    2. You work area at home for all of your dolly goodness.

  7. Do your ‘kids’ have beds? Maybe a cute pic of them having a slumber party….you could tie in your other request about spa stuff too…? Maybe more pics of the dollies posing with Biscuit…petting him, etc?

  8. ooooo… fun!
    Ok – 1) the girls having a good old drinking party (they haven’t done that for a long time! – ok except maybe Ginevra 😉
    2) your ginormous dvd collection

  9. very cute idea! the first thing i thought of was your dresser top, but that has already been suggested. so how about hats? have you got any? is it crazy hat party time?! omg it is!!!

  10. Ooh, how about
    1.) Shots of the girls (namely Fifi, Demelza, Ondine Alice, St. Trinian, and Ginevra) getting ready for bed
    2.) All of the above mentioned girls in their awesome Gothic Lolita outfits.
    You rock! Peace out

  11. Oooooh! I don’t know if you take requests from this commentary, but if so, there are two things i’d like to see:
    1. Shots of Pocky the Pullip and Thistle.
    2. Shots of St. Trinian and Fifi together.

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