New Beginnings!

Despite the sleepy blog, we’ve been quite busy in Blastmilk Land. THINGS are AFOOT, sweetie!

After nearly 7 years at my last place of employ, I’ve moved on to a new position as Web Development Consultant for Oxygenee LTD. & For those who don’t know, for many years I hosted an absinthe information website & community at In 2005 it was taken over by our good friend David at I’ve always said if he had enough work for a full time developer to give me a call. Well, it finally paid off and I’m working for this small eclectic Absinthe company located in Germany, France & the United Kingdom. All from sleepy li’l Crockett!

Here’s my carefully crafted wee home office. Purple desk thanks to Ikea’s new Isala.  This is located in our Rumpus Room.  Originally I was to put the office in the doll room, but the dolls kicked me out of the nursery!

Neeeext… since I’m working from home now what better time to adopt another rescue chihuahua! So here we are, introducing KING RUFUS!

Adopted from the Contra Costa Animal Shelter (I got Zillah kitty there earlier this year) on October 11th. He’s approximately 2 years old and was captured as a stray wandering open areas in the county for 2 months. He’s very friendly so we assume he’s been socialized and had family at one point. He’s 3.10 lbs! But we’re fattening him up to a nice 4 lbs.

As always, we want to make an effort to post more, but I can always be followed on flickr, or Facebook, or Twitter etc. links in the right column. I’m dribbling doo-dah there all day long.  When I’m not working or walking the dogs!

Addicted to color… and online window shopping.

Cherry Blossom Sheeting.jpg
apothecary-bathroom.jpgOnly one of the above bits o’ eyecandy have I purchased. Sigh. The internet is so soothing. Since the move last August I have a freshly sparked interest in pretty little things for the house. A girl can always shop, can’t she?
Pottery Barn’s Apothecary Bath Collection. Mrwowr.

the sleeper awakens.

I’ve never had such a deep winter slumber. We had a marvelously wet and early spring, the above was taken in February. A miniature daffodil hill sprung up in the middle of the garden. While only a few flowers bloomed, there are dozens of the plants in an ancient raised bed surrounded by a stone circle. We’ve since weeded and now wait to see if any more blooms will happen or whether we’ll need to unearth the bulbs come fall to put the daffy back in the daffodil.
We’ve started an absinthe garden and sprinkled the earth will drifts of california wildflower seeds. The herb bed I planted in the old stone pond has exploded, yay!
Apologies to those near and far for the silence. My inbox is a wasteland and I’ll be touching base with all of you soon.
P.S. Oh, see the new site design? I’m still sweeping up, more to come!

Never let them see you code…

To you who feel like failures because you spent last year honing your web skills and serving clients, or running a business, or perhaps publishing content, you are special and lovely, so hold that pretty head high, and never let them see the tears.

Jeffrey Zeldman A List Apart

Another LJ Crosspost test entry

hi. I’ll update and post how I did it for posterity later. woo! here’s the corresponding lj entry.
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Dear Internet

My dsl and phone line have been down for three days. I’m logging in now for the first time since Friday. Will try to catch up with everyone today! With my access being minimal at the best of times, forgive me if I am behind or you haven’t heard from me.