Hello Christmas, I’m still here!

Christmas Hana
The Littlest House of Blastmilk Inductee! Elfdoll Hana Devil…
Having the best Solstice, Saturnalia, Holiday, Christmas! No work + Volks FCS Extras order + New SLR Camera (thanks Bro!!!) + Chibi Unoa + Small Dog + Kitties + Hunky Husband…
A Blastmilk Christmas
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Hermione Menace

Hermione Menace

Birthday: January 21th, 2006
Sign: Aquarius
Age: 17
Type: Volks FCS
Head: SD-F-16
Skin Color: Pure-skin White
Wig: W-27 Mixed Wine
Glass Eyes: Zoukeimura #04 Thin Green
Body: SD-B-06 (SD13 SM Bust)
Hand: SD-H-04
Esthetics: by Zoukeimura

Profile: The Hon. Hermione Menace is a sullen, independent girl. She’d just as soon paint her toenails green and walk barefoot down Main Street as pen outlines for faux term papers on the phantasmagoric and carnivalesque in eighteenth century literature. She doesn’t say much, but when she does, O! The stories she tells! None of them are true, of course. They are wild, hair raising tales of daring-do and blood curdling adventures of young abused heroines with crazed eyes and torn gowns of the palest lawn. But every so often, in the midst of telling her tale, she gets a glisteny wide-eyed look, and you wonder what could take her thoughts so far away. I asked her once and she answered simply, “Cookies.”

Hermione & Lysander, orphaned twins born within five minutes of eachother, at one time stood to inherit grotesque amounts of money until it was revealed that Old Unkie Roderick had frittered away the family fortune on exotic cheeses and fur coats (he was a bit of a swissophile). Upon their birth, their mother, Lady Foppington, lingered briefly with glistening brow and promptly perished. Young Master inherited the title upon the death of his Father, the Old Lord Foppington, who died of ennui and whiskey. Still, until Young Master and Miss Menace reach maturity at twenty-one, they are in the foster care of Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).

About: Hermione was ordered at the Los Angeles Sumika on opening day, November 21st 2006, and her headplate reads is #5! While Hermione is not a Sasha clone, or a Sasha stand-in, she believes Sasha could certainly be tolerated, as a distant cousin, or bastard half-sister, but she doesn’t want anyone to be so gravely mistaken as to assume that she is in any way second choice to a Sasha.