or Christinadoll??? Looks like Oriettacat/Christina is having a reeeeally good month. revealed Gina’s new doll that she recently hinted at. And 10 to 1 Christina is the collaborative effort behind it. Squeeeeeeee!
Quote from Gina on TIB:

the cat is finally out of the bag! this is the gorgeous new girl that i`m introducing this week. she is indeed a collaboration with christina/jam fancy. i`m previewing the prototypes at an event in tokyo tomorrow and will be able to offer the first girl for sale in *hopefully* a few months. thanks for looking!!

I’m serious. Just sign me up. I’m such the huge JamFancy fangirl. And no one deserves it more than Christina. I’d buy everything she sells except half the time I don’t get there in time to put my dibs in!

My bad fairy. Rawr.
Also, we’ll be at the Super7 show for Paul Kaiju tonight in the city. BE THERE OR BE… not there.

Cool November Light

Got Zman’s stitches out today! She’s doing well but she lost some weight :/ a 4lb kitty is scary, when at her pudgiest she was 8lbs! So I’ve got special food and I have to give her intravenous saline treatments. Scary! But it looked simple enough. My vet is so amazed by her little body. She’s alive!
I got home a bit early from the vet. So many dollies, I’m going to spoil you with their loveliness. I need to do another family portrait soon!

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Snow White

Look! I finally found the origin of one of my dolly dresses. Only interesting to me really because I’ve had it since I was little. I think I bought it at a garage sale with my allowance.

It is a dress from a 14″ Madame Alexander “Snow White” from the 60’s. Aw! Mine is dingy and the sleeves and snaps have been mended by my little uneven baby hands in blues and pinks.
Just so you know, it fits msd & unoa w/ boobs like a dream! ♥

Wee weekend of fabulousness

Spent the weekend in Tahoe with Todd & Ben. It was super fantastic. I miss them so much already, I DIE! Loverly weekend, very relaxing. Only lost about $40 at the penny slots (we’re saying nothing of Mr. Kallisti’s losses :p ).
Todd & Ben got the rockstar suite. So we got the best-friend-of-rockstar suite. OMG. The bathroom. AGH! And every time a hotel type person came to the door they handed us a fistful of Godiva chocolates.
Very nice.
Unfortunately FATBURGER now joins Krispy Kreme (don’t even get me started) on the list of what-should-a-bebastion-of-yumminess-but-is-NOT. Give me In-N-Out Burger or give me death!
We of course decended the mountain Sunday morning to hit our favorite crap emporium in downtown Reno. They did not disappoint. I came out with a Fistful o’ Dollies. Not least of all was this tall beauty:

Sorry for the crappy photo, but it still dark out and I am impatient! She’s marked Kaysam 1961 (see pic of similar girl stolen from ebay below). She has ice blue hair, cat eyes and ultra tweezed brows! Weirdest of all, it is not a trick of the light, the whites of her eyes really are blue! Her hair at one point was in an elaborate up-do, but it is smashed. However, most of it is in silky smooth condition. Can the experts tell me the best way to clean and smooth her hair!?!?! She’s so fabulous, I want to make her look uber glamourous. She’s 24″ tall and has the serious va-va-voom figure! Her outfit might be original. She needs shoes. She needs a little brightening on her makeup, one cat-eye eyeliner is rubbed off etc.
Um, isn’t she FAB?
A Kaysam glamour bride from ebay:

Couple reference lines, from the internet: one and two
More later. Oh boy.

Peekture Projekt, Part I

This is going to be the longest post in the world. And it is only the first half!
Spent yesterday running around with a camera. Sorry these are not quite in order. I’m too disorganized for that :/ Please click on thumbnails for nice big peektures.

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Existential Postman

I’ve had the same postman for years. One day he caught me leaving the house and we struck up a conversation as he was curious what all these hobby boxes were coming from Japan. I explained, in brief, what I was buying and he said he built model trains and so also had a steady stream of hobby boxes delivered. Over the years we’ve mentioned them in passing, then finally this last Christmas he left a couple real live snaps in our mailbox. They were awesome and lovely and we put them in our photo box.
Just now Mr. Kallisti was going through the photo box sorting when he ran across them and said “Did you realize? This is the corner of Hope and Despair?”
No. No I hadn’t. Surprises from all corners. I give you, ladies and gentlemen, Eric the Postman’s model train snap.

Lefor Openo doll Zoe!

Random cool flea market find o’ the month! Found this leetle beauty at the Alameda Antique Faire a couple weeks ago. She’s a fantastic 1960’s doll, about 8″ tall, and made of foam rubber. Definately a bratz prototype (:p) if the label image is anything to go by. We’ve done a bit of restoration on her box, and switched the evil wire holding her in for a ribbon. But other than that, she is as we found her and in perfect condition. She looks rather like Bridget Bardot. Meow, meow!

A little googling and we discovered this doll was made by a very popular French design team of two ladies. And guess what? They’re currently big in Japan! *falls over*