St. Trinian likes to kick her legs in the air and smoke too many cigarettes.

I think it looks like she’s yawning! This face is SO cute. There are little inserts for her mouth, a palette, tonsils and front teeth, and a little tongue for the bottom. Can’t really get the light to reflect off her little pink tonsils but they are SO CUTE. Gah.
Happy MSD nursie outfit from YJP. A little big, but the synching helped. Now, another wig I bought that was supposed to be a 6 and had a Unoa picture on it is way oversized. And I was trying to get away with just a little velcro on her head but the wig don’t stick to it, and I think I just like my moleskin better. It don’t tangle wigs up. Nyah.

Saint Trinian


  • Birthday: January 23, 2005
  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Age: 11
  • Type: U-Noa Quluts
  • Edition: Lusis
  • Head: Lusis + Winky + Oh!
  • Body: Unoa + booby plate
  • Esthetics: by Kallisti

Profile: We caught Saint Trinian barefoot and crawling in through the cat door to try and steal cigarettes. We’d been wondering where they had all been going!

The wee girl is an absolute treasure, and she knows it. She smokes too much and dresses wonderfully in vintage doll clothes (with a few pins and tucks), and idolizes her older siblings. She’s the baby, but don’t let her sweet face cajole you into giving in. She’s more trouble than she lets on!

About: U-Noa Quluts by Gentaro Araki seem to be very sought after dolls. Produced in very limited numbers in twice yearly (so far) pre-orders, as soon as the pre-order period is over they double in price. I was lucky enough to be able to place my order in September of 2005, though I had to make some pretty stiff sacrifies to do so. I had to wait nearly five months for her to be manufactured, and sent to me as a kit from Japan through a third party shopping agent. O, but it was worth the wait. Although a bit more crudely produced than the other dolls, as they are produced solely by the artist, Lusis is definately the most beautifully sculpted of all my dolls. She is exquisite! And at 16" tall, so delicate!