Licca Love – Happipinkudoresusetto & Mosubagashoppu!

Two super-cute Licca-chan sets coming down the pipes!  Links below to the offical releases.  I’m hoping to get at least the Happy Pink Bunny set below, but they also have Hamster & Cat outfit sets, not to mention FOUR pink haired dollies.  YEAH!

ハムスターとおそろい – Happipinkudoresusetto (Happy Pink Doll Set)



Happy Pink Series

モスバーガーショップ – Mosubagashoppu (Moe’s Burger Shop)


 Moe’s Burger Shop:

Pirate Licca

I’ve had a pirate Licca in my brain for awhile. The same day this naked Princess Licca arrived at the post office, I picked up a copy of Dolly Dolly 3. Welp. Wouldn’t ya know it. A lovely Momolita Pirate Licca is near the front of the book, with the easiest pirate hat pattern ever. I trimmed her bangs and painted her lips read. I whipped up the stockings (made from stockings from a real Pirate store in SF!) and cobbled together the rest of the outfit out of Blythe clothes. I wanted to make the whole thing, but this was perfect, why duplicate when you don’t have to? Oh, and my scrumMr. Kallisti made the jolly roger on her hat out of sculpey. *squeak!*

In the Navy!

I finally got the Calendar Marine in her navy outfit during the end of year clearance. Half price!
I took the outfit off of Marine and put it on… Marine! I’ve had the Takara Bako Orange Marine forever (also from!). She’s been waiting for her little sailor pin-up outfit for a long time.

And check out those legs. Betty Grable would be proud.
And don’t feel bad for poor brunette Marine, she’s got a new aviator style.

The Perfect Kisara

Is here! And the new Takara Lolita outfit came the day before from Rudi. I guess she has the Jenny 18 body? She’s about 1/2 inch taller than my Aya.

I don’t have a SAJ body, so this is the nicest quality Jenny body I’ve seen, though I haven’t undressed my special Jenny Shop 18. I was going give her a busty obitsu body, as I think it would make her look sassy, but I might leave it now. Oh, and when I tried pulling the other head off my obitsu the neck nob snapped off into the head. Sigh.