Beatrix: Volks Yo SWD Nana

  • Birthday: August 30th, 2009
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Age: 4
  • Type: Volks YO SWD Nana
  • Esthetics: by Volks
  • Series: Journey to Dream Nights

Profile: The littlest guide to the inferno!
It has been nearly 2.5 years since I’ve brought a ball joint doll… I recently got a promotion and chose to celebrate with the tiniest Sweet Dream Nana! I was delighted she came with her little star fairy outfit by Kaori Saito. What a treat!

It has gotten a li’l bit spooky

Halloween Mantle of Doom

The heater is on, the rain is around the corner and the tomato plants are drying up. Its Halloween!
We’ve also had a new addition to the family, Elfdoll Hana Devil… mew! She was a surprise from Mr. Kallisti who bought her from an online friend in need. (Hugs to Leah! Hana Devil is in loving hands!) Little imp doesn’t have a name, and she wants to be a girl but she needs some pigtails or sumfin. But I’ve been pining for this tiny since it was released, and I’m just floored with the gorgeous delicacy of the faceups on all four faceplates. Wowie.
Elfdoll Hana Devil -- Mr. K prezzie to die for Elfdoll Hana Devil -- Mr. K prezzie to die for Halloween Mantle of Doom Halloween Mantle of Doom Halloween Mantle of Doom

Halloween Mantle of Doom

Aschenputtel et Miette

Aschenputtel et Miette
I made this dress (the blue chiffon) a couple summers ago and never photographed it. it is my own pattern, and I’m particularly fond of the back.
Aschenputtel et Miette
La Petite Miette sports vintage Madame Alexander scavanged from a garage sale. And has the weathered, attic stains and dust to prove it. Miette thinks it adds authenticity to her impish aristo on the down-and-outs character. Right.
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Birthday: November 19th, 2005
Sign: Scorpio
Age: 17
Type: SD10 Sweet Dream Nana in Pure-skin LE beauty white
Edition: Special LA Edition One-Off
Head: Sweet Dream Nana
Eyes: HG Cadet Blue 20mm
Wig: One Off Special
Esthetics: Ciera

Location: Consumptive Ward

Profile: Aschenputtel is the stepsister of Ginevra. We found her one morning sitting on the kitchen floor saying hail marys while pointing a vegetable knife at her chest. We’re not sure where she came from, neither her nor Ginevra are very forthcoming about their origins, but clearly they had very unhappy beginnings. Strangely, they don’t get on much and frequently can be found bickering at the bottom of the garden. Aschenputtel is of very sad countenance, and keeps mostly to herself. One peculariar thing though: she seems to like to preserve dead mice and sew little outfits for them. Hrm.

About: Aschenputtel is so named for a happy weekend we spent in Los Angeles attending the Volks reception and opening day festivities on November 19th & 20th respectively, in 2006. They issued 100 invites to the Reception at the Volks Mansion, and had twenty-one OOAK one-offs available by lottery. I entered for one, a Sweet Dream Nana, whom I have always coveted, and after a few false starts on ticket calling, won the opportunity to buy her. She’s dreamy! You can see her original presentation and paperwork here.