Birthday: November 19th, 2005
Sign: Scorpio
Age: 17
Type: SD10 Sweet Dream Nana in Pure-skin LE beauty white
Edition: Special LA Edition One-Off
Head: Sweet Dream Nana
Eyes: HG Cadet Blue 20mm
Wig: One Off Special
Esthetics: Ciera

Location: Consumptive Ward

Profile: Aschenputtel is the stepsister of Ginevra. We found her one morning sitting on the kitchen floor saying hail marys while pointing a vegetable knife at her chest. We’re not sure where she came from, neither her nor Ginevra are very forthcoming about their origins, but clearly they had very unhappy beginnings. Strangely, they don’t get on much and frequently can be found bickering at the bottom of the garden. Aschenputtel is of very sad countenance, and keeps mostly to herself. One peculariar thing though: she seems to like to preserve dead mice and sew little outfits for them. Hrm.

About: Aschenputtel is so named for a happy weekend we spent in Los Angeles attending the Volks reception and opening day festivities on November 19th & 20th respectively, in 2006. They issued 100 invites to the Reception at the Volks Mansion, and had twenty-one OOAK one-offs available by lottery. I entered for one, a Sweet Dream Nana, whom I have always coveted, and after a few false starts on ticket calling, won the opportunity to buy her. She’s dreamy! You can see her original presentation and paperwork here.

Astræa Menace

Baby Menace (Miss Astræa) is home at last! Hermione & Lysander’s youngest sibling arrived at the Blastmilk Orphanage on August 6th. We’ve been so busy with moving preparations and surprise visits from abroad (Micha from New Orleans! Liz in SF who I still don’t manage to see enough!) that I barely had time to marvel.
But marvel I did.
Hermione & Astræa
“There is no sinner like a young saint.” —Aphra Behn
She’s amazing. I really love her default face-up. It is very evocative of Sasha, without being a clone. My only kvetch is that the beautiful strawberry blonde eyebrows are too high. But they’re so lovely! So I’ll keep them for a bit… at some angles she’s very, very sasha-like, though she is a bit different. I’m waiting for the detailed comparison photos from those who can compare them. Her head is tiny, regular SD (9-10) size wigs swallow her head, so definately a DD (8-9) wig girl. “Sasya” is scratched on the inside of the headcap. Which makes me think (duh) that they resculpted right off of a Sasya head. Awesome. The 18mm melon eyes I got from Gina are gorgeous but too large I think. Time to order 16mm!
Hermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & Astræa

More pix on Flickr!
I know ya’ll know what this girl means to me. The fact that she was made at all is such a stunner that I’m completely gobsmacked and have been since I found out about the release.
First, I’d like to thank Lyssa, who encouraged me to put up the petition and is one of Sasya’s biggest fans. And the 111 people who signed it! Then I’d like to thank Elizabeth D. for putting in for her on my behalf at the NY Dolpa 2. Anika for taunting me with beautiful pictures of Roselynde for the past three or more years. And of course Volks: Kyon for designing Sasha, and Valico for reinterpreting her exquistely as Masha; Kaori Saito (Left Thimble) for her heartbreakingly wistful dress design, and Mr. Shigeta for smiling and accepting my petition even though he didn’t know a word I was burbling to him. And last, but not least…
Oops, looks like I ran out of time to thank Mr. Kallisti… bah! I love him so much, and he lets me. That is all.

Dollectable Panels!

amused.jpg Thanks so much to all that attended! Your kindness and enthusiasm made this a truly wonderful and fun weekend! I haven’t hosted panels before, and everyone was very awesome, and asked lots of cool questions etc.
I’m so exhausted though! We totally crammed to make this the best we could, I reeeally hope I didn’t suck. Now, we pack for europe. Oy! I did four panels, one being with Aimee & Elizabeth on BJD and the hobby in the U.S. I didn’t shop at all! Except for one little on sale jpop wig! I did reeeally well (I thought) at the swap meet, which will all go towards Masha. YAYAYAY. Hugs to all I barely got to talk to, and all the cool new people I met who were awesome. Yes. And congrats to the Dollectable team and volunteers who made it all seem to run surprisingly smoothly. Wow. Also! We got to bring Butter the first day, she was so good, and sat quietly during all my panels. Butter is love.
I’m so rambling, I need to go to sleep.
Sorry, I’ve killed my bandwidth, must take down files now!
Here are my panel take-homes and slideshows, for your edification. I can’t leave them up forever, they are 1.5 meg files each!
Big Note:
I’ve updated my face-up panel supply list (on the slideshow pdf above). I mistakenly recommended ACETONE. What we’ve been using as a strong but safe face-up solvent is not acetone, it is a proprietary formula used at my husband’s work. It smells like acetone to me and I never questioned it as it is in an unmarked bottle. Mr. Kallisti questioned me about mentioning it when we got home and we discovered the mixup.
Acetone is not considered safe for resins or plastics. He’s tested it, and in small doses doesn’t seem to damage the resin, but it is definately not recommended! I am very sorry we didn’t catch this before! I’ve updated the presentation!


Unoa Sist, wah!

I whine.
schedule -錬金術工房
I whine because I won Lin (ssssssecret yo baby!). I whine because I’m hoping beyond all reason that the NY Dolpa LE released at the request of American collectors will be Sasha. I whine because I’m going on a fantastical, once in a lifetime journey to Europe. All of which require ungodly sums of cash.
…and Araki-san has chosen June 16-30 as the once yearly open preorder for Unoa girls Lusis & Sist. O! my life is hard! Pity me. And then stab me in the eye with some shaddup you over-privileged whooooore! *winky*
(there is always a chance that Mr. Masamichi will not be participating in said preorder, that has happened before, and we’ll all be s.o.l.)
Have I mentioned buy my stuff lately? Yeah.

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Fifi Mahony, returns from rehab!

It is like getting a whole new doll! Who knew she’d clean up so nice. She may be tamer, but I’ve warned Mr. Kallisti that she still might get him in the middle of the night if he’s not nice to her. Rawr.
Fifi Mahony turned three on January 20th, ‘magine that!

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Dolpa Goodies ™

Volks is slowly posting all the goodies from the August twin dolpas.
They’re re-releasing the early White Rose favorites pumpkin pants for msd & the SD13 lingerie but NEW! with ribbons in pink and blue. I stalked YJP like a crazy stalking stalker trying to get those sets!

So, have at them, kiddies! Like the LA Tea one-offs, I already have my favorites… but what I really want is that blue swimset (?) that Nono is wearing.
You know, I secretly pine for a Nono. FCS Nono in white please, thanks!

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Love Letters Between A Gentleman & His Sister

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Best. Weekend. Evar!
I’m pleased to introduce you to Lysander Menace, Lord Foppington (White Cat Chris) and Miss Aphra Diver (Anais). I spent the week painting. They’ve turned out just how I wanted. Lysander is a bit on the delicate side with a fondness for Laudanum and can frequently be seen hacking attractively into a monogramed hanky of the most delicate lawn. Hermione & Lysander are twins, Hermione being the more robust of the two, which makes sense as she’s the elder by five minutes.
Miss Aphra, his some time companion, is a bit of a wild mare with a penchant for literature and a passion for the theater. She’s spent some time on the continent spying for his Majesties government for very little gain, but picked up some continental skills none the less. Miette is Aphra’s natural daughter, left on the continent to be brought up in a convent.
Read below for 2324578 more pictures…

Aphra & Hermione are sporting the Bastille Day outfits… presented here to revel in the detail a bit more. Lysander, Lord Foppington is sporting the latest by “Romance of Venice.” Simply gorgeous, though no hat *sad face* but surprised me by coming with the most awesome of riding boots! Sexay!


My doll looks like Lisa Loeb! Lulu’s gonna stab me…

Goody box from Volks arrived Wednesday. The glasses are awesome. They’re all perfect and everything. I also really like the dress. S’cute! Gosh, if they could do cute stuff like the wtg line 60cm style, what a killing they’d make! But I guess the size and the price point probably make that prohibitive. Meh.