So ya’ll know I ain’t slackin’…

What does one do when one is not well? One drafts a pattern and sews an 18th century bodice by hand while watching 6 hours of The Duchess of Duke Street. And then one makes a pair of hoops (not sewn by hand, but much engineering ensued).

I like progress pictures, so here’s mine. I’ve been meaning to make a set of hoops for… oh, since before I brought Fifi home :p and here they are, finally. With much help from the images on this site, and the rest of the internet. The ultimate in underpinnings. Mr. Kallisti says: “Oh, what, those go under the clothes?!?!?!”
The bodice is made out of the vintage bo peep fabric I got recently. Adapted from a 1770 polonaise. Mmmm. The stomacher is next!


I just went on a fabric spree. It has been sew long since I’ve sewn anything I really needed to start from scratch. Got all the basics, the extra bobbins, elastics, new scissors (been using mine in the kitchen. Ew.) and all that.
In any case, went and cleaned out the remnant bins at Joann’s & Discount Fabrics in Berkeley.

My splurge item was the frilly stuff you see in the foreground. It is a bit pinker than in the picture (and the mini polka dot in back is a bit redder) but you get the idea. Most of the scraps were between .49 cents and $1.89 for a half a yard or so. And that black clump in the back is 1.5 yards of black cotton velvet. And I love the Baskin Robins polka dot.
I had made a list of what I wanted and pretty much fulfilled it my first shopping trip. Polka dots, checks and stripes in reds, pinks and blacks. Weee!
I see about 2347384 Super Dollfie bloomers and bunny hats w/ matching pinafores in that stack of fabrics. I can’t sew too much before Fifi’s arrival. But I think a few bloomers would be ok as long as I use lots of elastic!