Hello Christmas, I’m still here!

Christmas Hana
The Littlest House of Blastmilk Inductee! Elfdoll Hana Devil…
Having the best Solstice, Saturnalia, Holiday, Christmas! No work + Volks FCS Extras order + New SLR Camera (thanks Bro!!!) + Chibi Unoa + Small Dog + Kitties + Hunky Husband…
A Blastmilk Christmas
Check out flickr link below for Blastmilky House of Christmas Fun!

Blastmilk Independence Day

I was in the garden this morning pruning flowers and snipped off a few flowers and realized they happened to be blue and red in a white pitcher. Cute! I put them on the mantel above the fireplace and realized that half my dolls/ornaments were red and blue.
So here it is, a collection of my red, white and blue toys from around the house. Mew!!!
Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day

When SuperKaijus Visit …

Best houseguests EVAR. Junk shopping, Kaiju popping, Okonomiyaki flipping happy goodness. Paul & Melissa.

Sunday was super hot so we had an impromptu Film Fest, with banana shakes and sundry other boozes. Once the sun went down Paul got to work in the kitchen and made a series of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake-like griddled dish) of ever increasing complexity and awesomeness. The Grande Finale was Octopus & Hamhock— or, HAMHOCKTOPUS—that bloo my mind. For real, it was superb! Whoddathunkit???
Pose Doll by Melissa! She is so dreamy, I will name her and play dress-up for DAYS. More, better pictures to come!
omgomgomg!  SuperJunk gifty-poo
And last but not least, Mr. Kallisti has spent the last few months dissecting vintage Kappa, analyzing how they were made, and recreating the art of Kappa Kraft!
Mr. Kallisti's Silver Screen Kappa!Devil Kappa for the Devil Man: Paul Kaiju!

Film Fest for the Aging Hipsters:

Christmas Tree topper that doesn’t suck

Found another one of those old Japanese boudoir type dolls. So when we saw legions of tacky porcelain angels at BigLots … well, the conclusion was obvious when we noticed half of them had their heads snapped off. Most of them were so horrid we nearly walked away when we noticed one all in red velvet and dark fur.
So after an hour chiseling out the porcelain head and glueing in the new torso, Mr. Kallisti brought her back in from the garage and I cut off part of her stole to make a big hat to cover the big glue blob on her head.

She’s a little big even for my 6″ tree. And we had to stuff a roll of toilet paper up her wazoo to get her to balance.