Costume Drama alert!

When I came to work this morning I knew I had to check the A&E website to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Since we got Tivo we’ve stopped casual channel surfing and instead watch hours on end of Southpark, Kids in the Hall & Monarch of the Glen.

The Last King or, to BBC audiences, also known as Charles II: The Power & The Passion (it should have been The Prince of Passion if you ask me, snark!) airs this week. It says it is an edited 3 hour version (the bbc production was 4 episodes). It appears as if they show it all at once but I’m having a hard time confirming this as I’m at work.
Next Airing: Fri Mar 26, 2004 8:00 PM
Check your local listings for details!
In any case, I’ve been pining after this series since I ran across this on DVD over at recently. I never thought they’d show it here! I’ll watch A & E’s edited down version with relish. So should you.
Starring Rufus Sewell, Diana Rigg & Rupert Graves. Swoony and magnificent. I really really hope this lives up to expectations. Who knows, if we’re lucky we’ll get a glimpse of the nasty & delicious Earl of Rochester!

Spring has Sprung

First off I would like to congratulate my brother whose meat blog, to which I sometimes contribute, got a mention in Gourmet Magazine this month.
I am super pleased that I’ve been quoted in the magazine for saying “so awesomely yummy.” Yay! Just what I want to be remembered for. But he did refer to my Sukiyaki… which was so awesomely yummy I would probably write the same thing again.

So, it is the first day of Spring, which has actually sprung in California. Neener to the rest of the country. Nyah!
Here’s Fifi in her new duds, and yes, she has a tiara on:

“Just because you can not see the tiara does not mean it isn’t there.” -Hespeth


Blastmilk indeed!


Thanks to Tamera (who sits next to me) Mr. Kallisti and I dashed over to the SFMoma for a taste of culture. She had mentioned they had an exhibit on the top floor featuring stuff by Murakami & Yoshitomo Nara… not least of which was a giant sculpture of an anime girl squirting milk out of her tremendous nipples. Blastmilk demanded that we see it!

Our new poster girl! This baby was seven or eight feet tall. It turns out we’d seen the image before in a book/magazine but had no idea she was a life size sculpture. Really amazing! In any case, bought a book when we got home that has both Murakami & Nara featured, among other Japanese artists, and I highly recommend it (we scanned these photos from it).

Naked Civil Servant

Must. Rent. Now. I am so in love with John Hurt I can’t even stand it. It has been way too long since I’ve seen it! Doesn’t look like it is even out on dvd yet. I just ordered the 1979 BBC version of “Crime & Punishment” cuz John Hurt is in it (and it was written by Jack Pulman who also did “I, Claudius.” Oh my gosh, we wrote the drinking game in 1999!!!)
Naked Civil Servant… so ya know.

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