Here I am!

Something weird, aside from myself, going on with my blog. For some reason ImageMagick and NetPBM aren’t being recognized on my server so the MT software can’t process images into thumbnails etc. I also upgraded to MT4, but it is barfing on my old templates. So I’ve moved to a slightly modified default for now and will be cleaning it up as I time allows! I hate doing things in stages this way, but it was brokey. *whine*
Also, what eeediot (me) thought it was a good idea to have a tooth extracted and then move the day after? This was my first bit o’ tooth surgery, I guess I’ve been lucky… but holy crap! That was horrible. How come I only got nitrous during the needle part, and not the pulling, smashing, banging and stitching??? I’ve never taken so many pain killers in my life. My face ballooned up very unattractively, and I had to stumble around directing my 70+ year old parents in moving token boxes up the hill to the new place (they insisted on helping, it was very sweet ♥).
I get my stitches out this morning… dude, I have stitches IN MY MOUTH o_0
Any way, welcome to the worst month of my life. Seriously. This entire year (except for that whole trip to Europe fabulousness) has bit the big donkey schlong.
But this morning on the way to work, as I was turning down Moeser and confronted with the AMAZING view of the bay from the end of our block, I felt the first glimmer of optimism since that poor man was murdered on our lawn.
It is not over, but there’s hope. And orphaned hedgehogs and a brush.
I still have to cancel DirecTV and eat the $175 contract cancellation fee they tricked me into 6 months ago for ordering their useless DVR that I returned anyway and ate the $99 non-refundable fee on already. As well as the preliminary AND final walk-through with our previous evil landlord and hope he doesn’t try to withhold our deposit beyond reason. Oh, and we have to eat another $150 contract fee from Earthlink because they don’t offer DSL at the new location. WTF, indeed.
I did manage to snag 5 pairs of shoes from the Haute Doll MA collection. Rawr. The dollies are still packed. I’m going through withdrawal. And my mother-in-law arrives on the 6th for a holiday!

Sea View—Pink House!

Sea View–Pink House!

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What a week! Last monday this happens. We were home and ran out with the rest of our neighbors to see what happened. So awful!. And now, a week later and we already have a new rental lined up!

We’d been planning to move this year, we need the space, and Butter doesn’t have an enclosed yard. I love this neighborhood sooo much but more and more outside elements have been committing evil here over the past few years. The day after the shooting I started looking at craigslist and found the cheapest rental up in the hills, same zip code as current. It has the hugest yard imaginable, with 5 fruit trees and a little path (though in sore need of all kinds of water and care), a bay view with twinkly lights and lots of parks and wilderness for happy dog walking. And is totally affordable. Oh, and a working fireplace.

I will sorely miss the honeymoon cottage. It is nearly four years to the day that we moved in, right after we returned from Vegas getting married. Sigh!
So. Another month of WHERE’S KALLISTI!?!!? We’re movin’ up!

Blastmilk, ahoy!

It seems quiet here, don’t it. Well looks can be deceiving! All the action is IRL and I can barely keep up.
I lost the Volks lottery for the BtSSB Alice & The Pirates outfit, so if there is anyone out there who wants to let a hapless girl takeover their lottery or what have you, pleeeease let me know!
I just paid for my tickets to Europe in June! OMG. First time going, I’m completely freaked (hate flying) and ecstatic (dream come true) at the same time. Mostly I’ll be on tour to the Kallisti-Fest in Boveresse for the Absinthe Festival… but the Mr. and I will be in London for five days on our own.
I need suggestions for the absolutely coolest things to do for a art-history-lit geek like me! Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s & the V&A are a given. What else?
And maybe spend two of those nights in another town? But where?
In any case, there will be more coming from me soon. No worries. This is a big, busy year!

New Years Wishlist

All of which we are trying to do without, because we’re saving for a trip to Europe this summer. Weeeeeeeeeeee!
Wishlist ♥

  • Dollstown 13b White Body for my poor girls
  • Dollstown Hue head (because I can see a little chimney sweep in his sad-sad countenance)
  • Volks Sasha! *falls over* (this is the one doll I would throw all good habits to the wind for… well, except paying current market value :p)
  • Sato FCS SD13 F28-27 Girl in white: I wanted an F28 boy, but Foppington has been so troublesome, I think I would just like one of these heads as a girl. I’m desperate actually… and as soon as I’m off financial probation, barring Sasha, this is my plan.
  • Sweet Dream School A: omg.
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel=lurve: thankfully, currently sold out.
  • In a perfect world where I can have anything I want: FCS SD10 Medium Boob White Girl F-01 or F-15 (Syo) head as a sister for Ashenputtel. I dream… sigh.
  • DIM Doll Bjorn head in white
  • Volks Dolpa 16 MSD mushroom outfits ^_^, this dress, SD16 awesome boots, and DD white body with new large milk part!
  • Luts 3 hold black shiney boy boots for Ondine: these always go out of stock when I can finally order, meh! EDIT: wah! they are completely gone from inventory!
  • Mama Told Me (I still don’t have her, and it hurts me)


  • buy nothing (ha!)
  • sell everything
  • keep shifting and selling to improve living conditions
  • finish scanning library into database (woo!)
  • make mattress and bedding for old iron dollbed sitting in the middle of our living room
  • repaint St. Trinian who is finally dismembered, well scrubbed, and ready for her Blastmilk Dolly Hospital Visit.
  • Check in Miette, Fifi & perhaps Lulu to same Hospital Ward… er, some time this year
  • sew handsome suit, street urchin outfit, and lots of top hats for Lord Foppington
  • sew purty dresses and chapeau for girls and use up some of those gazillion pieces of fabric I’ve stashed
  • redo templates for
  • go to Europe and try not to hyperventilate and turn blue before I get on the plane.
  • prepare panels for Dollectable! I’ll be doing several… I think… eeek! what fun though! but it is the weekend before Boveresse (Euro Trip) so I need to prepare ahead!

I think…

For Ondine.
And then:
for Christmas? I’m waiting for more peektures. And there’s a whole slew of Dolpa 16 goodies we haven’t seen yet. *smacks head*
But for sure:
Hurrah! & 3-6 months would be good. Some time next year Ginevra & Ermengarde will get their Dollstown body!
And not to mention the eventual release of the Hypermaniac dollies. Ugh!
In the meantime: Reno this weekend with Toddums and Switzerland in June for the 10th Anniversary of at the Boveresse Absinthe Fest.
Seriously. I hate to fly, the only reason why I waffle. I must pray to ye gods of dutch courage and get my ass on that plane. Gar.

Congratulations, Will & Nadja Robot!

The Robots got married today (yes, they are changing their name to “Robot”). Best. Wedding. Ever.
We have no pictures. Just our memories. But we looked really awesome. Really.
It was held at The Parkway Theater in Oakland. They came out shooting lasers and were married by a paper robot with a curiously analog paper scroll screen we all read his lines from.
Those of us whose eye prescriptions aren’t horribly out of date any way.
I cried like a baby. And then ate TWO cupcakes. The end.

“Shock It To Me” Horrorfest 2006

We go to The City infrequently. So it is always the awesome to run into someone unexpectedly. This time it was Augie! We were picking up a wee blobpi for Mr. Kallisti’s birthday (mwah!) at Super 7. And in walks Augie with flyers/posters for his latest: “Shock It To Me” Halloween Horrorfest at the Castro. I jumped all over him and whisked him off to din-din around the corner at that really good ramen place that we hadn’t been to yet. Yay!

We were friends when I was in HS. And roommates briefly when I first moved to The City. Last time I saw him he was putting on Godzilla fest. He’s just written a book (editing) and got bitten by a brown recluse earlier this year… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! For real.
So yeah, the fest is the same weekend as the Volks party, but we’ll try to make the Friday night Hammer fest. Aaaaah!
I also brought up the Cerrito Theater happening a couple blocks away, since it will be run by the folks at the Parkway in Oakland. He says they currently have plans to move Thrillville to El Cerrito! Swoon & die! Totally stumbling distance from our house.