Bodice Ripper updates…

Henry VIII“… sigh.
I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed. And I was sooooo excited to watch it. Ray Winstone who plays Henry put me off the most. He talks and grumbles like a London cab driver. Has zero finesse and no sympathy. We all know Henry was a monster, but people don’t start out that way. Henry, until later life, was a six foot tall blustering manly man. Not a stout growly cabby. Grrr. And the costumes. Usually BBC productions are so meticulous, but these look cheaply produced and ill fitting. Also, too much billowy gauze (which was my main complaint with the movie “Elizabeth”). Definately worth the watch but I found “Charles II” to be much more accurate and entertaining. There was a lot of fubbing with timelines etc that only a nerd like me would notice. Like Henry only married Anne Boleyn (albeit in secrecy) after they had finally slept together and she got pregnant. Granted it took her six years to finally give it up to him. In the film she gives it to him on her wedding night. Behind a lot of purple gauze. *snark* Also, they left out the best of Anne’s lines before her death, her giggling about her “little neck” when discussing the imported french swordsman. Still, there were some great bloody decapitation scenes, woo!
Still, I have the second half to watch and I’m looking forward to it. Check out this brief history on BBC for more info.
As you’ve probably figgered, the Cyberhome 300 worked! But I don’t have any PAL tv to test the PAL aspect ratio, and I have a feeling this sweet li’l machine might not play them properly, all the web reviews are conflicting. Oh well, Target is still carrying the 500 that Swingingwake recommended, I can upgrade if need be. But the 300 is the tinyiest neatest li’l beastie ever. I’ll just have to order more dvd’s!
I’m combing for movies I’ve been dying to own for years.
la Passion Béatrice” isn’t even available there. It has been reissued on VHS domestically but is out of stock, though available used. WTF!?!? I want this movie on dvd soooo bad. It is one of Julie Delpy’s first films and is loosely based on the story of Beatrice Cenci except it takes place in Medieval France as opposed to Renaissance Rome. Gar!
Children of the Century” is now available domestically (I paid $30 for a canadian VHS last year). An absolutely gorgeous film about George Sand & Alfred de Musset. Swoon!
So all I have right now are the “League of Gentlemen” season 2 & Christmas specials in my shopping cart. Hmph.
Oh, and “Queen Margot” is available domestically now, but they don’t have the cool cover art the Brit edition does:


many squeals

Ah! Two packages!
1) Ajumapama order from Karin. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! The most awesome and gorgeously detailed Super Dollfie shoes ever. Pix to come I’m sure. Swoon.
2) I ordered Tanith Lee’s “Piratica” from since the U.S. edition’s cover is very icky. I am *gasp* very behind on my Tanith Lee, my favorite author ever. Had a hard time reading with all the anxiety and panic (my therapist says I’m multitasking when I’m worrying and reading at the same time. it’s weird.), but that seems to be calming down so I can read again. Woo. And also got BBC’s “Henry VIII” while I was at it, hence the hurry to get a region free dvd player.

Aieeeeeeeeeee! Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn. I will simply die.

I think we’ve decided to pick up the Cyberhome 300 at Radio Shack tonight. $44 and it has a simple hack:

Hack details:
Power up, no disk in. Status says READ then INSERT DISC.
Press MENU (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 1 (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 9 Menu is displayed.
Press ENTER on the region, digit turns to "-"
Press 0
Press ENTER again
Press EJECT to clear the special menu.

Will let ya’ll know how it goes.

hot date with a heating pad

yep. I’ve exercised my right stay under covers with a heating pad, cocoa and four hours of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses
This is a new version Ohmeohmy and I ran across on Netflix last week. It is a French tv series starring Catherine Deneuve and Rupert Everett as the protagonists Merteuil and Valmont respectively. Another modern take on the 18th century classic, set in 50’s. So far it is very leisurely paced and formal. Nothing has gotten messy yet. I am waiting. Eagerly.
Rupert Everett is chiseled out of granite. I’ll have to rent “Another Country” very, very soon. I miss the young gentle moist English fags of yore. Sigh.

Holy Cow II

Vanity Fair…


The most recent adaptation of Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair” is released August (or September) 1st! My all time favorite novel. Simply everybody is in it, with Reese Witherspoon as Becky Sharp. I hope her accent has improved, but I sure do love her. Um, but as much as I love Jim Broadbent (and I do mean LOVE), he’s just several decades too old to be Jos Sedley, unless he’s playing Amelia’s grandfather instead of her brother. Hrmph!
Ha! And the lovely Natasha Little who played the starring roll in the recent (1998) BBC series of Vanity Fair has a bit part in the big production as Lady Jane Sheepshanks, *snort*.
Ooh! Aaah! Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) is responsible for the screenplay. I’m going to lick the screen. I die!
The Trailer
And a nice collection of on-set photos.
Thanks to ohmeohmy for sending me the trailer, yum!

Aaaaaaaaaaanika! Ioan alert:

His hair didn’t look so bad in the trailer… but lose the ‘fro dude!

King Arthur: Can’t decide if this movie looks good or not. But I’ll probably see it anyway, I was Arthur obsessed growing up and have read everything under the sun that came out prior to ten years ago.
But “Guinevere: Warrior Princess” must be evaluated when the time comes. There was certainly precident during the early Dark Ages for fiersome women, it just remains to be seen if it is shallow “grrrl power” or well, something else. Hrm. Keira Knightley. We need some uglier women in cinema. I’m so sick of chiselled cheek bones.
From the few pix of Guinevere’s outfits they don’t look very accurate. More medieval-fantasy *inspired* sans the chemise. Um, hello, it was cold in Northern Britain. Blah. And I don’t know enough about male armor to pose a hypothesis, at least there was no 14th century style full body armor to be seen. *phew!*
And um, “Woads”??? Please to stop making up derogatory terms that are dumb. “Those filthy Picts” would have sufficed.
Or “hut monkeys” or something.

Movies and stuff

Went and saw Harry Potter yesterday. I saw the other two on video but this one I was really interested in seeing the theater, as it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón of “Y tu Mama” fame. I thought maybe a shot of Harry & Ron ejaculating into some gothic fountain would have been a nice touch, but I wasn’t that lucky.
Oh, but I loved it, I really really loved it. The art direction was fantash and actually had me gasping and squirming with delight at many parts. Gorgeous and spooky and crusty and so many gothic arches and screwlies and dusty tomes, and naturalistic light instead of the well-lit, freshly scrubbed, pseudo disneyesque gothique of the other two films. The storyline was a bit more adult as well which leant itself very well to the starkness of the the plot.
Oh, um, and the best thing? The cast. It is, of course, what saved the other two pictures, but I was squealing in my seat when I realized Michael Gambon had taken over for poor Richard Harris. Absolutely FAB. Not to mention Emma Thompson, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I almost bought a Lupin figure last night because it was a teensy tiny David Thewlis. Woot.
Um, and this week on Video…
Watched “Girl with a Pearl Earring” last week and was SO surprised. I was expecting it to be disappointing but I was heart poundingly thrilled with it. It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Again, art direction and costume are the winners here. You will die. If you care at all about the Northern Renaissance go. see. now. Scrum! I thought I’d be super annoyed by Scarlett Johansen (although I like her in other stuff) but since she hardly says a word and just has to look demure, surprised and frightened through most of it, and she does these painfully well with big moist cherry red lips, she was very appealing. I say fuck the critics (again).
It is slowly and delicately paced, and doesn’t have an ending a hollywood audience would have voted for. But I like that. I really do.
I will own this movie. Yup. I want to lick the screen.
Saturday I got my latest Volks order. And DAMMINT. I ordered a tan a head to go with my tan excellent body and it is a very strong shade lighter than the body! I’m going to try and just dust it up with high coloring and seal it, but I can’t believe how much off they are, and I bought them within a month of eachother. But I also got lots of other stuff, black bra & panty set FINALLY. Yay. And eyelashes and wigs and stuff.
Um, also, will be doing more ebay because I had to order some of the Ajumapama boots from Karin. So cool. Retail. Regular US shipping.

But I have to cover my expenditure with ebay. Yay.

Costume Drama alert!

When I came to work this morning I knew I had to check the A&E website to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Since we got Tivo we’ve stopped casual channel surfing and instead watch hours on end of Southpark, Kids in the Hall & Monarch of the Glen.

The Last King or, to BBC audiences, also known as Charles II: The Power & The Passion (it should have been The Prince of Passion if you ask me, snark!) airs this week. It says it is an edited 3 hour version (the bbc production was 4 episodes). It appears as if they show it all at once but I’m having a hard time confirming this as I’m at work.
Next Airing: Fri Mar 26, 2004 8:00 PM
Check your local listings for details!
In any case, I’ve been pining after this series since I ran across this on DVD over at recently. I never thought they’d show it here! I’ll watch A & E’s edited down version with relish. So should you.
Starring Rufus Sewell, Diana Rigg & Rupert Graves. Swoony and magnificent. I really really hope this lives up to expectations. Who knows, if we’re lucky we’ll get a glimpse of the nasty & delicious Earl of Rochester!

Galaxy Express

Made a day trip into China Town (San Francisco) today. Did good not spending alot of money. The last shop we were in was an Asian video/dvd/vcd shop, and we made a beeline to the porn basement.
But on the way down I spotted a copy of a Galaxy Express DVD, and it was the all region version. Wooo!
I’d actually shopped it recently on ebay, and it appears to be the same Hong Kong copy I was seeing there. Nice to pick it up in person though.
I haven’t seen it since, er… my late teens! Over 15 years… aaaagh! But I got a Maetel doll by Marmit earlier this year, and got into a discussion with a co-worker on Galaxy Express when he saw her on my desk. So… had to have it. It’s about time.
SO. Tomorrow while I finish rooting that beauty white mini with peach and green hair (weeee!) I’ll spend the day watching anime.
Pull out the Sol Bianca tapes too.
Oh! A little China Town gem… I couldn’t believe this li’l 1.5″ fella made it past the censors. He’s a little anatomically correct kitty incense burner. I die!

And no, that is not his tail. His tail is in back.