Ondine is running away to join the pirates

I just won Captain Cecil’s coat & hat off of YJP for Ondine, and now Dollheart.com releases this.

I am DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! Blue velvet poof pants!!! Am I lucky or WOT!?!?! I’m very excited to have someone to buy the natty boy outfits for… and it isn’t a boy! hahhaha!
Still having a hard time with the Ksy shoes. I think I don’t like boy boots or something. I got some pretty rockin’ punky ones from Dollheart and I’m all “eh…”
Gar. Well, her piratey outfits will warrant the giant boots of doom so maybe I’ll get over it.

Ondine Alice


Birthday: February 13, 2005
Sign: Aquarius
Age: 19
Type: Hypermaniac
Edition: Ksy
Body: HM 15 Years
Esthetics: by Kallisti

Profile: Another aquarius, Ondine is a bit on the mysterious side. She’s not entirely trouble, but she has her mischevious moments.

Orphaned long ago, passed from home to home, we found her stealing peaches and selling them to strangers in our yard. We punished her by making her bake us pies forever. This makes her sad.