When is loyalty more important than doing the right thing?

When you’re a republican. :p

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California, told the Associated Press that the ethics allegations against DeLay might fade away “except you’ve got jerks like Chris Shays who get notoriety by being disloyal to their fellow Republicans.” And no less of a moral authority than Rush Limbaugh piled on yesterday, saying: “It’s going to take a lot more than you, Chris Shays, to get rid of someone who’s decent and good and moral and upstanding and a fighter, and that’s Tom DeLay.”
That’s the same Tom DeLay who was admonished three times last year by the House ethics committee, the same Tom DeLay whose wife and daughter were apparently paid $500,000 by political organizations he controlled, the same Tom DeLay who, the Wall Street Journal said, “rode to power in 1994 on a wave of revulsion at the everyday ways of big government” but “has become the living exemplar of some of its worst habits.”

He’s as crooked as they come. I just don’t understand the need to rally in the face of selling your soul to the devil.
Don’t get it. Nope.
Ya know, there ARE good Republicans out there, why are “they” so against finding some and putting them forward? Oh er… because the agenda of the current administration would make the skin of a good Republican crawl. A bunch of sell-outs. And that goes for both sides. Rawr.
EDIT: And this just in…

April 13, 2005 | Washington — House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, hoping to hold support among fellow Republicans, urged GOP senators Tuesday to blame Democrats if asked about his ethics controversy and accused the news media of twisting supportive comments so they sounded like criticism.
Officials said DeLay recommended that senators respond to questions by saying Democrats have no agenda other than partisanship, and are attacking him to prevent Republicans from accomplishing their legislative program. One Republican said the Texan referred to a “mammoth operation” funded by Democratic supporters and designed to destroy him as a symbol of the Republican majority.

The plot thickens.

Culture of Life

If the concept of a campaign on the “culture of life” weren’t so frightening and hypocritical, it’d be funny.
Oh man.
Those wacky pseudo-republican neo-cons bowing to pressure from a freak minority. Wow.
I think, and this was shown with Roe v. Wade over and over, that Americans, no matter which side of the fence they fall on, find decisisions about life and death should be private, within the family, and that family unit should not be threatened by governement intervention regarding their most private decisions.

DeLay called on the Senate to pass a broader bill, championed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis.,
The proposed Protection of Incapacitated Persons Act, which the House passed before agreeing to a narrower Senate bill that dealt only with Schiavo, would give jurisdiction to federal courts in any case in which there are questions about withholding food or medical treatment from an incapacitated person.

I feel completely bulldozed by a small group of creepy fanatics and those who pander to them. Thank god the judges stuck to the letter of the law and evidence as presented ad infinitim.
It seems, if the “culture of life” fanatics have their way, you wouldn’t be able to make end of life decisions at all, even if they were in writing! Either that or they’re *cough* hypocrits. If it is murder for the husband to make the decision when one in writing is lacking, is it not murder to make the decision yourself beforehand? Can you never “pull the tube”? Funny, Tom DeLay has had to pull the plug on loved ones. But that was different. Right.

“I never thought I’d see the day when a U.S. judge stopped feeding a living American so that they took 14 days to die,” De Lay said yesterday.

Um. Asshole, it happens EVERY DAY. There are tens of thousands of people in a persistant vegetative state in this country, and their families (and yes, sometimes judges) have to make this decision every single day. Not to mention the gazillions on other forms of life support.

On Wednesday, Judge Stanley Birch Jr., a conservative appointed by the former President George H. W. Bush, wrote a rebuke of Bush and Congress. He said the action by the White House and lawmakers was “demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers’ blueprint for the governance of a free people — our Constitution.”

The utter hypocrisy of campaigning for a culture of life while cutting medicaid, school lunch programs, food stamps et al makes my little head spin. You want Terri Schiavo to live in a vegetative state for the rest of her life, but do they want to pay the $80,000 a year it costs for the bed and care? Her parents TRIED to take care of her. They had her at home and it was too much. They couldn’t do it.
Barring the lack of a living will, who has the right to make the decision for you, your husband or Tom DeLay? Your parents or Dubya?
Fuck that.
In any case, the past two weeks have been horrifying to watch. I don’t think it matters what your personal feelings on the matter are, most people are sickened at the idea that the goverment can just step in, willy nilly, and make these decisions for you.
And for the record, if it had been me? I would have let her parents have her, disagree as I might. Terri isn’t/wasn’t suffering any more. The parents and family clearly were. However, I do believe Michael Schiavo was doing what he thought was right.
The usual SF Chronicle articles:
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Sen. Kennedy calls Republican leader’s words ‘reprehensible’

btw – I write these entries all the time, I just don’t usually post them. Why now? I think I’d like to go on record as saying “you people are NUTS!”
Also, you should read Andrew Sullivan every day.
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EDIT: Oh, and my juiciest nugget didn’t even make it in. Bush, as usual=HYPOCRITE

The Texas law, Mayo said, tends to keep such cases out of court, allowing life-support decisions to be made privately. However, within the last month two Houston cases went to court. One case resulted in a baby being removed from life support; he died soon afterward. The other led to the transfer of an elderly man to a nursing home.


March 14, 2005 | San Francisco — A judge ruled Monday that California can no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman, a legal milestone that if upheld on appeal would pave the way for the nation’s most populous state to follow Massachusetts in allowing same-sex couples to wed…
“The state’s protracted denial of equal protection cannot be justified simply because such constitutional violation has become traditional,” Kramer wrote.

Full blurb…
Edit: A link you can read at the Chronicle if you don’t have a Salon subscription.


Picture me jumping up and down waiving fist in air, and then read this:
Capitol unwilling to pay bill on bridge Bay Area lawmakers reject governor’s latest proposal
Arnold is refusing to help pay for The Bay Bridge cost over runs, saying that the rest of California shouldn’t have to foot the bill. His great idea was to divert a recent bridge toll hike that was slated for local roadways/freeway improvement. Now, he offers money to tear down what has already been built. Sorry, The History Channel has already done a documentary on it, can’t tear it down now. For those who don’t know, the Oakland span of the Bay Bridge is the one that had a deck collapse during the ’89 earthquake. That was, um, fifteen years ago.
WELL. I think the rest of California can just GIVE BACK ALL OUR FUCKING WATER and we’ll keep all our cool high tech gadgets to ourselves. Southern California can just turn back into the desert it once was. *waiving fists in air*
Ferchrissakes. It is the BUSIEST BRIDGE IN THE COUNTRY. But isn’t a state problem!?!? Like all those li’l worker bees that don’t fit into San Francisco don’t pay 30% of their li’l waiges into state and federal coffers.
Cough it up, bitch. That is all.
*so mad*