Hurricane Rita’s steady rains sent water pouring through breaches in a patched levee Friday, cascading into one of the city’s lowest-lying neighborhoods in a devastating repeat of New Orleans’ flooding nightmare.
“Our worst fears came true,” said Maj. Barry Guidry of the Georgia National Guard.
“We have three significant breeches in the levee and the water is rising rapidly,” he said. “At daybreak I found substantial breaks and they’ve grown larger.”
Dozens of blocks in the Ninth Ward were under water as a waterfall at least 30 feet wide poured over and through a dike that had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal levee. On the street that runs parallel to the canal, the water ran waist-deep and was rising fast. Guidry said water was rising about three inches a minute.

Just in case…

You were forgettin’
Once more lighting candles for Lizzie, as Rita bears down on the Texas coast. And just a few inches of rain in NOLA could cause more flooding. How can we have TWO “once in a hundred years” size storms in three weeks? *shakes fists at heavens*
Just got off the phone with Bat, and we both seem to be suffering from what she called Once Removed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
I WANT MY CITY BACK!!! I’m just in agony over the devastation. Also, politicians need to shut the fuck up and just do their jobs. All of them.
I’m real relieved about the President’s plan of throwing 200 bil at the gulf coast when he puts Karl Rove and Haliburton in charge. For cryin’ out loud. WTF!?!?
I realized yesterday that there are a few weeks of sporadically answered emails in my inbox. I’ve been very selectively/randomly responsive so apologies to all my loves! My brain is aflutter.

M is for Micha

Just talked to Michele. So happy I could SCREAM. She’s in Philly and she’s fine, staying with Rob. I asked if she needed anything and she said just a picture of me and Mr. Kallisti and the cats. Cry!
She’d had a text msg from Todd that said “Can’t get a hold of you.”
Hope to hear good news from him soon too.


Today Todd and Ben are (hopefully) heading into New Orleans via sneaky routes to try and rescue their kitties. The various pet rescue teams just aren’t making it to their house, which is apparently in a dry area in the Bywater, with the roof still on (according to satellite).
You can read Todd’s diary here.
When they announced that hundreds of animals were coming to the Bay Area I had half written an email volunteering to adopt (anything!) when I realized I live in a thumbnail size cottage with three mean cats. Sigh. So I deleted the email and sent the Humane Society more money. IT IS SO HARD.
Liz is settling into Houston (“Godspeed through Texas, faggot!”) where she will be well looked after by her place of work who has relocated, and many other Nola refugees holing up there for the winter.
You can read Liz’s diary here.
And Micha (MIIIIIICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) finally made it to the tarmac with Rory and was flown, unbenownst to them, to Milwaukee of all places. Apparently they didn’t know til they were in flight were they were being taken. That’s ok, they found the bar. Me and the Mr. had bugles filled with spray cheese and bloody mary’s the other night in Michele’s honor. Honest.
And the Right Reverend Rob will be taking all these souls in… both Todd & Ben and Michele & Rory will be heading to Philly to settle with Rob. What a nice man!
I wonder if the Pharmacy Museum has survived armegeddon? Sigh.