Lord Foppington, Lysander Menace


Arrival Day: July 28th, 2006
Birthday: January 21st (twins w/ Hermione)
Sign: Capricorn
Age: 17
Type: Volks Super Dollfie Pure-skin White
Edition: LE White Cat Chris
Head: Chris
Body: SD13 Boy
Eyes: HG Thin Pink 18mm
Wig: W-101-613 One-Curl Bob Ivory
Esthetics: by Kallisti

Location: Consumptive Ward

Profile: Lysander Menace, Lord Foppington is a bit on the delicate side with a weakness for Laudanum infused with crushed, dried beetles. He can frequently be seen hacking attractively into a monogramed hanky of delicate lawn while reading the latest bit of gothic trash from the lending library.

Hermione & Lysander, orphaned twins born within five minutes of eachother, at one time stood to inherit grotesque amounts of money until it was revealed that Old Unkie Roderick had frittered away the family fortune on exotic cheeses and fur coats (he was a bit of a swissophile). Upon their birth, their mother, Lady Foppington, lingered briefly with glistening brow and promptly perished. Young Master inherited the title upon the death of his Father, the Old Lord Foppington, who died of ennui and whiskey. Still, until Young Master and Miss Menace reach maturity at twenty-one, they are in the foster care of Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).