Volks Halloween Party!

Mr. Kallisti as Blobpus, Volks Halloween Tea Party

Hermione & Miette won 2nd Place and a big granite trophy in the dolly costume contest for “Bo Peep and Her Sheep.” I didn’t get very good pictures as it was really crowded! So official photoshoot for the archives SOOOOON. Also got interviewed by Mikey for the Japanese Television. That was nerve wracking. I look real purdy in my Laughing Sal outfit with my toof all blacked out. Pretty girl! It was a barrel of excitement, everything happens so quickly it is hard to keep up. Such a whirl!
But here’s the news:
1) Christmas 2006: new doll or re-release of an LE girl
2) June 2007: 2 day NYC Dolpa w/ FCS & Painting Class (and LE doll)
3) October 2007: Japanese Style Dolpa in Los Angeles. They will be hiring a 747 to fly out 500 Dealers & Fans from Japan, and encourage U.S. people to get sewing so they can be dealers too! Location at Hotel and reservations to be announced. Also an LE doll for this event.
My Pix: Volks Halloween 2006 – a photoset on Flickr
And a couple more choice selects from Melissa (swak!): Paul & Heads, and me in really fancy company w/ trophy.
P.S. Special congrats to Aimee for finally winning the baby angel of her heart. And A.J. too! Wow! No postcards!

July in San Francisco

Mr. Kallisti: Why’d the picture all come out so funny and washed out?
Me: Because it is July in San Francisco and it is cold and grey outside.
We spent the 2nd in the other China Town: Clement Street. But first stop was Bill’s Place on Clement & 24th. Yarm! Perfect example of the greasy spoon with yummy food. Their french fries are to die for.

And then… we went to Heroe’s Club.

I brought home one of the Mimo figures. Part figure, part doll, along similar lines to the new Volks CF and pure neemo w/o the poseability. I brought home cutie gothic lolita girl w/ parasol. I also really liked the figure store clerk pictured above. Cute!
Mr. Kallisti brought home a set of mini vinyl called the Bullmark Encyclopedia. Here’s from his flickr:

“One day, I will have a collection the likes of which no one has seen. Oh-oh-oh OOH, EEE AhAh AAHHH!!”

Kaiju BBQ

(pic stolen from nadja)
Paul came up this last week for his show of custom painted vinyl at Super 7 (please to buy). Went to the opening friday and had a blastorama! Lots of friends, beer & plastic monsters. I fell in love with a red glitter godzilla and Mr. Kallisti promptly smacked it on the counter and brought him home for me, along with 2347834 beasties. Yay beasties! I could decorate an entire room w/ this godzilla as the centerpiece. He’s just that fabulous.
Yes, that is Paul in the monkey suit, and Mr. Kallisti making sweet, sweet love to him.

And the Robots. Always a nice excuse to see them! Kelly & Robert were also there ♥… and an old friend Valerie (not pictured) who knows Nadja that I probably hadn’t seen since 1995 or something. We used to work together when we were babies on Haight Street in 1989 or so. She’s gorgeous as she ever was. Meh. We’re all grow’d up now.
And then we went to a noodle house around the corner. YUM! I had Imogen on the table, and the waitress was so tickled and said she was cute.

Saturday morning Paul & Melissa made it to Casa de Blastmilk, it was “fuck it all BBQ” day! The Robots, Nadja & Will, were here too. Paul had promised to cook ribs & potato salad. And boy were they good. Beer boiled compton ribs and nummy, num potato salad. He whipped it all up effortlessly.
I made the onion dip.
I, of course, neglected to take pictures this day. Meh. So I’ve stolen these from my friends. Thanks!

Butter was definately the attention whore of the day. This was her first party! She’s a bit nervous when meeting new people, so we greeted everyone at the door and stuffed their pockets full of biscuits. She really loves men, and Paul & Will got a lot of her attention and tarty antics. She was super good. Very well behaved aaaall day long.

Who’s lucky?
Please go see their flickr accounts for more:
Nadja Robot, Paul Kaiju, and Melissa.
And then check out Melissa’s travel tales. They’re good.