Christmas Tree topper that doesn’t suck

Found another one of those old Japanese boudoir type dolls. So when we saw legions of tacky porcelain angels at BigLots … well, the conclusion was obvious when we noticed half of them had their heads snapped off. Most of them were so horrid we nearly walked away when we noticed one all in red velvet and dark fur.
So after an hour chiseling out the porcelain head and glueing in the new torso, Mr. Kallisti brought her back in from the garage and I cut off part of her stole to make a big hat to cover the big glue blob on her head.

She’s a little big even for my 6″ tree. And we had to stuff a roll of toilet paper up her wazoo to get her to balance.

Galaxy Express

Made a day trip into China Town (San Francisco) today. Did good not spending alot of money. The last shop we were in was an Asian video/dvd/vcd shop, and we made a beeline to the porn basement.
But on the way down I spotted a copy of a Galaxy Express DVD, and it was the all region version. Wooo!
I’d actually shopped it recently on ebay, and it appears to be the same Hong Kong copy I was seeing there. Nice to pick it up in person though.
I haven’t seen it since, er… my late teens! Over 15 years… aaaagh! But I got a Maetel doll by Marmit earlier this year, and got into a discussion with a co-worker on Galaxy Express when he saw her on my desk. So… had to have it. It’s about time.
SO. Tomorrow while I finish rooting that beauty white mini with peach and green hair (weeee!) I’ll spend the day watching anime.
Pull out the Sol Bianca tapes too.
Oh! A little China Town gem… I couldn’t believe this li’l 1.5″ fella made it past the censors. He’s a little anatomically correct kitty incense burner. I die!

And no, that is not his tail. His tail is in back.