Delectible Shopping Season

Just when I am punished and cannot shop. I might have to sell something to get these girls though, Oshare Style Fashion Girls:


That’s right, they’re fashion dolls by Takara. Mmmmm!!! Helene’s posted the full page from Dolly Dolly 5, clicky here! They’re gonna be about $60, ouch! Especially compared with the $35 Rune girls. But they are 25cm, so a bit smaller than Jenny and a bit taller than Licca. I imagine licca sized body with the head? Oh boy. Available November from

And then, better pix of the Sweet Girls. Mmmmmm.

And the October, November, December Calandar girls.
La Reine Rose.” Random tiny cute doll from Takara found on There are a bunch of them, but only one pic. For October Release.

That is more like it.

Azone has been *zzzzzzzzz* boring lately (aside from a couple pieces) but September’s offering has Fairies of Darkness for 60cm!!! Just a few pieces, but what a blast. I would imagine these would at least fit sd13 as well. The shirt is knit and the skirt might be a little tight but… Calamity needs a new outfit. And how.


And please do not forgot the Battle Nun. Yay!!!

Life is Party, Party is Life

So it says on the back of the Cuttiem package. It also says “Boys are like icecream.” *doink!*





I love her. The main complaint would be the gumby body, but that is also what is so pretty about her figure. So she is NOT very poseable, but has a gorgeous midriff and bustline. She has nipples, and surprise of surprises! She has subtle wee girly parts as well. Her skin is pure white, with red nails. Her hair is black w/ purple streaks. Umm…. squeeeeee! She is cute. Her clothes aren’t of the best quality. More the mattel quality than the azone, but definately has style.
Last but not least… a guest gave us this pic of Mr. Kallisti, taken while visiting China Town a couple of weeks ago. O, how it makes me happy! Honest, he’s been buggin’ me for one of those hats forever to shade his eyes while workin’ outside. I love him.


Such an awesome picture, if a bit dark. In front of our favorite China Town bar.

it IS christmas!

My Cuttiem Girl’s Society Party Mode Beauty came today! Wooooo!
I ripped her open so the happy man who delivers a lot of my stuff to my desk could see what I got. And her head had popped off! If I hadn’t been familiar the popping on and off of volks heads it might have phased me more.
She so cute, but I can already see staining from the black outfit. Gar.
More play later.
[a few minutes later]
Yaayayayayy! She has nipples.

Ichimatsu Doll

Mr. Kallisti and I went over to where a bunch of my old stuff is stored and dug around til we uncovered my grandmother’s dolls. Here she is, a classic Ichimatsu doll that my father brought back home for her from Tokyo in the 50’s. She used to have a crier, but it doesn’t work anymore. Sad.

She’s beautiful. About 17″ tall, with real human hair. Her eyes are glass and she has that classic eggshell finish. Even her fingernails and toenails are painted a delicate pink. Her kimono is of an orange and red silk and she has paper lining beneath it. I used to love the crackle sound of handling her when I was young. I have the original stand, but the base has gotten seperated and I’m not sure where it is :/

Dolls in Japan

Someone posted this gorgeous article on DoA last night. I found it so poignant I’m reposting it here.
I find it so strange that my relationship with Japanese dolls & toys is so much deeper than any of the other playthings I’ve obsessed over and since sold.
With Fifi on the way I feel so lucky and privileged. She is like a gift from Heaven, a daughter indeed. The money was an obstacle that had to be overcome.

But that article reminded me that I have a beautiful Japanese doll in storage that belonged to my grandmother that I loved desperately while growing up. My father bought it for her in Tokyo after the Korean war. I will dig her out.