Ah, the soothing balm of Azone

It is that time again. Azone October collection. Sigh…

Unfortunately, their Halloween outfits always come out IN October, so you’ll be lucky to get them on your dolly for the holiday. But this is a particularly cute witchypoo ensemble for 1/6th, Jenny & Momoko sized! I wish’d they do 60cm Halloween outfits. Meh.
But wait! It doesn’t stop there…
Cutie dolls, Black Rabbit & Festa Cuore (whatever that means):

That also comes in 60cm! Not to mention some cutie patootie ballet & 23cm (blythe & licca sized) outfits!

Oooh! We’re back!

So great to meet everyone and see all the gorgeous and much loved dollies.

Click for a whole gallery! A lot more would have made it if I hadn’t shot them over exposed :/ Bleh. They’re not badly photographed, they’re artistic!
Funniest thing, when a very nice gent set up his Hound there was (literally) a collective sigh from all surrounding females (and there were a lot of us). As if hypnotized we all moved a little bit closer and sort of hovered, breathless and in awe. It was as if the resin emanated testosterone, really amazing, and very funny. If you are on the fence about Hound, get off it. Amazing.
Another new crush? Soah… Devon brought his Soah and she is exquisite. She had the most gorgeously painted eyebrows, hands down. Truly looks like the old Japanese doll painting. So in awe.
Thanks to everyone, twas loverly!

Haute Doll, woo!

Still haven’t gotten my subscription issue, but Barnes and Noble down the street finally got them in. But only had two copies left! *glares at Melissa*
In any case, here’s the article. YAY. Sans pattern cuz you have to buy it :p Special thanks to Bat for being my proof reading guru. Mwah!

Um, and look at this little fella. OMG. Souldoll Boy Griffi. Actual pix do so much for him! *covet*

Azone’s new new webpage

Azone has another new web page! The Azone Collector & Toy Division.
And their Alice doll is now nearly two months behind schedule. WTF is up with that? I know I cancelled my preorder, but I’m still desperate to see her.
I turned down a Unoa Boy bday present. Can you believe that!?!? I thought about it and realized I would be buying him only for his poseable winky. Sigh. So I thought Alice might make a good stand-in for my birthday.
Oh! I found a news page on the new site and it says she is arriving tomorrow and they are very sorry for the delay! How cute is that? But she arrived in very small quanity. Gah! And the flight caps and gear have finally arrived as well for everyone who has ordered them. I, ironically, cancelled my preorders and am very sad. UGH.

Dear Internet,

I’m looking for Japanese dolly display cases, in the 20-21″ range. I have a couple dolls of my grandmother’s, one gorgeous Ichimatsu, that are in desperate need of seeing the light of day. But I’ve seen what dust and cat hair can do to fine collectibles, so they’ve been in storage since I inherited them.

(sans doll, of course)

We found them in China Town this afternoon, but they’re about $100-$125… is this the going rate? I wanted to check before committing as that is a lot of money. I’m beginning to think it is, but if anyone knows better, or knows where to get them cheaper online, please let me know! Doll cases from Michael’s need not apply.
Mr. Kallisti is threatening to make me one. But the cost of glass might be prohibitive? I don’t know…