Re-ment Hinamatsuri set!

I’ve been pining vaguely for a hinamatsuri doll set of my own for awhile now… the size of the collection and display however is quite a commitment. So imagine my delight when I noticed “Re-ment Sample Series Hinamatsuri” on the PREORDER list at Hobby Link Japan! A little sleuthing and I scared up the supporting images and the set is as I hoped: a highly detailed miniature 1/6th (probably) complete Hinamatsuri, each set contains part of the display stand and a traditional box.
Available for preorder from several dealers including Hobby Search &!
For more info: Hinamatsuri
The Japanese Doll Festival (雛祭り, Hina-matsuri?), or Girls’ Day.
P.S. I was a very lucky girl and got everything I ordered from the Volks FCS Owners Event thingie! Girls Sailor Dress, white tabi feet, 2 FCS only wigs, one in the new peachy gold color! Now, I just need to wait two months until they show up. Maybe by Christmas, eh?

Blastmilk Independence Day

I was in the garden this morning pruning flowers and snipped off a few flowers and realized they happened to be blue and red in a white pitcher. Cute! I put them on the mantel above the fireplace and realized that half my dolls/ornaments were red and blue.
So here it is, a collection of my red, white and blue toys from around the house. Mew!!!
Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day

Japanorama and Jonathan Ross love

Mr. Kallisti and I had already developed an affection for Jonathan Ross after watching his highly affectionate series from the 80’s on cult film The Incredibly Strange Film Show that included in depths on John Waters and Russ Meyer among others.
Recently we ran across his Japanorama series. News to us, don’t know how familiar non-brits are with this series, we’ve been spellbound all week with his presentation and enthusiasm for the subject, including eighteen episodes spanning three seasons over six years. Beneath his dapper English exterior, and charming lisp, he is a self proclained Otaku, and his enthusiasm for all things Japanese, especially robots, is contagious.
“JAPANOWAMA! LOOK! I’m widing an electwic panda!!!”
View: Japanorama on YouTube
More info: Japanorama Wikipedia
Super Dollfie (and other kewl toys) make an appearance in Series II, with a full profile excerpted below. Booya!

All content brought to you by the magic of the intarwebz. Full episodes can be found in undisclosed locations.

When SuperKaijus Visit …

Best houseguests EVAR. Junk shopping, Kaiju popping, Okonomiyaki flipping happy goodness. Paul & Melissa.

Sunday was super hot so we had an impromptu Film Fest, with banana shakes and sundry other boozes. Once the sun went down Paul got to work in the kitchen and made a series of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake-like griddled dish) of ever increasing complexity and awesomeness. The Grande Finale was Octopus & Hamhock— or, HAMHOCKTOPUS—that bloo my mind. For real, it was superb! Whoddathunkit???
Pose Doll by Melissa! She is so dreamy, I will name her and play dress-up for DAYS. More, better pictures to come!
omgomgomg!  SuperJunk gifty-poo
And last but not least, Mr. Kallisti has spent the last few months dissecting vintage Kappa, analyzing how they were made, and recreating the art of Kappa Kraft!
Mr. Kallisti's Silver Screen Kappa!Devil Kappa for the Devil Man: Paul Kaiju!

Film Fest for the Aging Hipsters:

Why Hello Kitty! Mwowr.

“When I said I didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, I lied.” Was a message I left on Mr. Kallisti’s VM yesterday.
He was so awesome, ran down in the midst of a hail storm, returned w/ black pleather + vinyl Hello Kitty dolly & a huge bouquet of roses and daisies. Sigh.
Watch the video–and marvel at the GIMP KITTIES!!!!!!!!
Now, to get some of that lipgloss.
Big THANK YOU to friend of my boss who forwarded the link & video. ♥

Kaijin Blobpus!

*sniff!* I’m so proud! The Blopbus creators made an action figure of Mr. Kalliisti is his Halloween costume. This came as a total surprise! One of the pix showed up on their website after the Volks Halloween party, and apparently they were tickled enough to make a critter of the “Mysterious Human.”
Posted to Skullbrain this weekend. And the item page on Kaiju Taro

picture courtesy of Superjunk!

Famous on the internet!

Creepy Li’l Dead Girls – Autumn Update

And then… while shopping Mr. Kallisti’s winter PS2 collection, I saw this on the shelf.
Ok, I don’t play many video games. Really… I’ve gotten like three in the past couple years. Katamari Damacy, Fatal Frame, Katamari Damacy II, and Fatal Frame II. So that’s four, but you get the point.
This looks a lot like Fatal Frame, except in 1930’s England. With creepy mean girls AND zombies. Awesome. Reviews are full of accolades for atmosphere, music and design, and not so much for killing things and gameplay. Sounds perfect to me. I want to wander around and get creeped out. Oh, and I think you get to touch big creepy spiders.
So, I’m going to try it. At the exhorbitant, just released price too. Because I’m crazy that way, this’ll be my game for the year. If anyone has played, let me know what you thought!
Here’s the Official Site, but the Japanese version has more movie clips.

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