Cute isn’t even close…

Aimee, I’m looking at you!
Petite Excelina’s! “Excelina Jenny” are the froofy collector victorian Jenny’s that come out once or twice a year.
Hot tip from Helina at! They’ll probably come in a set for all three, that is how the last ones were released. CUTE.
Pssst! Liebchen is here. She arrived at Mr. Kallisti’s work. OH BOY!

Have I found my Annz?

Well… it would be Annz in Wonderland, wouldn’t it? They’ve lowered their price a bit, but I’ve been holding off since the Annz dolls got mixed reviews from friends I trust. The face sculpt and paint just weren’t quite up to par, although the kimonos were delightful and well executed.
But Annz in Wonderland… ah!

I also ran across new Rune dolls for preorder on (who is shipping dollies now, zoink!). So much love for all the fairy tale inspired dolls that have been released lately. My collection of Alices has doubled, tripled, quadrupled! I think I need a display just for Alice dolls to live in. IN MY DREAMS! Like I have room… gah. I live in the tiniest wee cottage ever. If you only knew. I sell stuff because it won’t FIT!

I’m still waffling over

As I wait for my


I’ve had this outfit for two months, and have been waiting til the wintery holidays to put it on Kisara. Um. I had no idea the hood had little bear ears. This wins as the cutest Takara outfit ever. I don’t understand why they can’t come out with such cuteness for Blythe. And for 1800 yen too. The shoes are even better than usual.

Pardon the holiday clutter. All my toys come out of storage. Wee!
And then there’s this! Wee lefton-like devil figgers. I picked these up for a pittance (as in: under $10, yo) on my last trip to Reno. They’re missing their little pitch forks, so we’ll have to rig something up for that. But they are SO TINY. The wee ones are about 1″.

Wah! My Volks issue Haute Doll just flew through the mailbox. Woo! And my geektastic autographs arrived from Godzillafest.

I am replete.


Finally word from Masamichi. Sigh. I think we’re going to have to have a fire sale. Otherwise, six months, another year? More? Before another preorder is made available outside Japan.
Unoa Lusis with large boob plate and pink froofy wig & cat ears. I hear her calling me.

And here’s the scans from Dolly Dolly 5 of the Oshare Fashion Girls by Takara. The page with the yellow background shows the two commercial dolls in dress patterns featured in this issue.

Delectible Shopping Season

Just when I am punished and cannot shop. I might have to sell something to get these girls though, Oshare Style Fashion Girls:


That’s right, they’re fashion dolls by Takara. Mmmmm!!! Helene’s posted the full page from Dolly Dolly 5, clicky here! They’re gonna be about $60, ouch! Especially compared with the $35 Rune girls. But they are 25cm, so a bit smaller than Jenny and a bit taller than Licca. I imagine licca sized body with the head? Oh boy. Available November from

And then, better pix of the Sweet Girls. Mmmmmm.

And the October, November, December Calandar girls.
La Reine Rose.” Random tiny cute doll from Takara found on There are a bunch of them, but only one pic. For October Release.