To Dolly or Not to Dolly…

080728_MSR_fis1.jpgHello Boys & Girls!
So I don’t have to talk about Real Life™ (yet) let’s talk about DOLLS! *falls over*
A year of not shopping has sent me scurrying to the internet for sporadic and vicarious dolly fixes. And I’ve recently caved and made a couple wee purchases. This year’s CWC Blythe releases have left me breathless and gnawing my knuckles off (attractive, no?)… for all the girls I’ve had to pass up, I’ve just committed sweet revenge by pre-ordering Swiss Cousin Olivia and Miss Sally Rice!
080805_CO_aid.jpgI’ve been a bit disappointed that many of the new releases are using the Superior face mold (as opposed to the new Radiance mold), but Cousin Olivia is my perfect blondie with rosie cheeks. Mew! Having missed out on Miss Retro Mama, I won’t make the same mistake on Miss Sally, her little showa friend.
And another recent obsession is Kimono edition Licca, Jenny, Momoko etc. fashion dolls. There are so many that I’m trying to be choosey, but I have grabby hands. I haven’t seen any recent Annz editions… wah!?!?
These two sold out so quickly (when I couldn’t buy them any way) that I had to stalk YJP… well, like a stalker!

I’ve been so busy with Real Life™ that I just don’t have the time to spend 1:37 hours posting randomly on the internet (the time it took to post this bit o’ fluff) and it is making me very sad. And the only reason I’m doing so now is that I happen to be on vacation! Work, for a change, has been very rewarding, and ironically a hell of a lot more demanding. I’m struggling to keep the Blastmilk dream alive but obviously it has been a challenge, and it hasn’t seen the love from me that I still want to give. But this past year was full of enormous changes, struggles, and sacrifice. There have been some happy sunshine days, I’ve got the sunburn to prove it, so I’m not in perma-doom mode. But yeah, the past twelve months have kicked my ASS.
One good thing is that the House O’ Blastmilk has seen massive technology upgrades this year. Our six year old PC died (or rather, was so broken that we could no longer turn it off for fear of it not rebooting at all), and the television blew up which all meant that we got to go SHOPPING. We’re a bit poorer, but everything is so happy, fast, and shiney that I could just about pee. Have I mentioned recently that TiVo is the most amazing toy in the whole world!?!?!
All that and not to mention work promotions came with bonuses of cash and equipment and I am one hooked up pro-style webmaster on the GO.
Now if I could just figure out how to hook this blackberry up to my brain and blog by thought alone, I’d be all set! Rawr!
See, I knew I shouldn’t have talked about real life. WHERE ARE MY BLYTHES!?!?!

Who’s That Girl? Noël!

The first addition to the Noël collection for WTG since their debut four years ago! Noël Autumn/Winter 2007! Also the Selfish Winter collection is on the dark side as well. Yay!


I’m in love with the the Goth-Slavic-Bohemian winter look. Very different! I hope they have this stuff at LA Dolpa. And that reminds me… I’m so excited for Dolpa! Volks spoiled us with all those tea parties last year, I’ve gone into withdrawal. It is a good thing though, I would have been completely punished as this year we’ve been so busy/harassed.

Volks’ Original Fashion Dollfie

Wowie, something new-NEW out of the Volks arsenal. Original Fashion Dollfie, Masami (light skinned) & Tomoko (dark, and darker than their normal “tan”!). New dollfie based on the EB Slim bodies, same as Who’s That Girl. So they’ll have the fashion line-up of the WTG behind them to boot.
I love them! The face-mold looks similar to the romantic Century Models, sweet yet still sassy. Perhaps their trying a different tactic from their fashion Century Models? I don’t think they ever appealed much this side of the pond.
Edit: It appears that this is a collaboration with a TV show or… ? If anyone can translate the page above better than I, please inform!
On a side note, I have been slowly working on fixing the glitches with my blog, and have been doing some housecleaning with the categories. Trying to trim them down a bit,and replace too specific categories with tags. You can use the search function or the “tag cloud” list to find specific things like “dollfie” or “unoa” and I’ve tried to add my doll names in a consistent manner, so you can search on “St. Trinian” and come up with all the posts I’ve ever made about her. Neat!
I don’t usually work piecemeal with the site, but with current time constraints I update a style tag here, some brokey js there. Bleh. I’m still getting settled into the new house. But I’ve managed to have some quality dolly hobby time, just not documented. Yet. Bwahahaha!

More Momoko

I Wanna Be a Boy, Toumei na Aoi Shiro

For January release from R & D or!
“I Wanna Be A Boy” is super cute, but I’m not a fan of that hairstyle. I’m still missing “Mama Told Me” like a love sick adolescent. I’ll trade anyone my first Kana set for her??? Otherwise, as soon as everything calms down I’ll bring her home.
RoboChris has the new Close Clipped Sheep collection up:

A slightly tiny and cute Girl

Placed an order with Volks International yesterday. Noticed they had the dolpa swimsuit set in stock, and we’ve been needing an excuse to order extra DM unit for our Customize Figure kit.
Not only do they have a long legged CF boy, they’ve announced Petite Girl! Pictures coming soon.

For you who want a Petit Girl body.
A slightly tiny and cute Girl body than before.
More details, coming soon.

Oh, and I also noticed that the Evangelion CF figures are available on the shopping page. They weren’t originally available to the western market for copyright reasons. Maybe they won’t let you check out with them in your basket, but it might be worth a try if anyone was pining!

Fairy Tale Rune Girls

Finally! I knew that if I just waited long enough that would get in the Alice & Heidi Rune Dolls. They started showing up on YJP so I’ve been antsy to bring them home.

So my 1/6th doll collecting has split along two very distinct lines: Gothic & Lolita, and Fairy Tale. I love it. Someday I will have a way of displaying them all attractively in a dust free environment :p for now they rotate in and out of a tiny glass cabinet and la Casa Formica.
On the puppy front: omg I love my dog! Butter seems to be coming along really nicely. We had a really big weekend. Lots of long neighborhood walks. Laura came over with the lovely Gus (a gigantic brindle/akita/whatever mix) last weekend and this to take us to Pt. Isobel, a huge and gorgeous off leash dog park that is just down the road from us. Laura knows dogs and can navigate the crazy dog people, so she is Butter’s godmother. Last weekend Butter was all growly at everyone. This weekend she was awesome. She played good curious doggy and didn’t growl at anyone. I’m not letting her off leash yet as “come” doesn’t come naturally. But I was so proud. And Gus is a really good role model as he’s the perfect dog. We also met another Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. We saw him from across the park, he looked just like butter except w/ a bright ginger coat, a bit larger, and the tips of his ears flopped. We chatted with the owners and marvelled at our dog’s similarities.
I still think dog people are crazy, so much noise and fuss! I get overwhelmed a bit by it all, the anxiety doesn’t help. But this is fun and I’m getting out and about more, which is awesome.