More Hypermaniac 2006 pictures!

And a front page apology on the Korean site about being delayed do to personal reasons.
The Family:
Ishta: I love her body shot! Except for the hands, very similar to Ksy it seems.
Skadi: I wonder if she has a different body to Ishta? Probably not… but it would be neat if she had a straight, tomboy girl body. Weee!

Odd Dolly Shoe Database

Ksy shoes!
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for: Ksy, So-Som, Narsha, & Liebchen!
Ok, now you know just how crazy I am. I’ve started to keep track of my shoe experiments for the odd dollies. Mainly because I’ve ordered 234745 cheap shoes from Audrey’s to at least try and get these girls shod, and I can’t keep track of what I’ve tried or not.
Here we have Ondine in her 100-series french style slippers. They are narrow, so while great for Liebchen at 49mm, they squeeze the toes a bit on Ondine at 87mm. However, they aren’t big man boots, and that goes for sumfin’. Don’t it?
This is an internal document I’m making public, so please excuse the rudimentariness of the presentation.
Click for the Odd Dolly Shoe Database. [2015: added to Google Sheets! Odd Dolly Shoe Database]
Good Day!

Aschenputtel takes the waters at Baden Baden Blastmilk

Asch and Lysander
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She probably had the worst seams I’ve seen! Mr. Kallisti did a superb job as usual, took him two weekends. You can see the difference between the LE beauty white (Asch) and the FCS white (Lysander).
Lysander is actually wearing pants in these pictures :p they’re just knee length. Love this outfit from Luts. I think Ashchenputtel rather fancies Little Lord Foppington… I think she needs a cocktail in her hand here. Poor Lysander, all that girl and he just don’t know what to do with her. I’ll have to get Ondine to explain a few of the facts of life to him, in epistolary form, of course.
“Choose your pleasures for yourself, and do not let them be imposed upon you.”
–Lord Chesterfield to his son (1694 – 1773)
One downside of having oh so many of these dolls, aside from actually needing all those shoes and all those pairs of eyes, is that every month theres work to be done on them. They really are high maintenance toys, if you play with them. I would say that every month there are probably two or more of my dolls that need to be washed, sanded or have a faceup completely redone.
Not for the faint hearted, this hobby!


Ondine Alice visits the Blastmilk Dolly Hospital

Ondine & Lulu in Musedoll

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I finally did it. She’s perfect! I made stencil from a picture of her original hypermaniac painted brows, and did the face-up the way I had originally intended. Also took her a part and scrubbed and buffed her a bit. Whomever did her original sanding did a terrible job. Meh. Eventually Mr. Kallisti will work them down a bit, but for now she’s lovely. Restrung all snug and sueded. Much easier to pose. She’s got kicky leg syndrome normally. And with legs THAT size it can really hurt XD.

Both her and Lulu are sportin’ their loot from Exquisite. And so you know, the boots Lulu are wearing are reeeeeal leeeeeather. Mmmmmmm! Vegans beware! I love her little sweatshirt. Love all.
Ondine Alice's Third FaceupKsy shoes!lulu_moderne01Face-up complete!
aaaand you can see more progress pix here.

Something wicked in the nursery

something wicked in the nursery

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Meet Dropsy! My Hypermaniac So-som, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

While we were in LA, I picked up my so-som from a kind benefactor! After waiting since November last year, I’m so happy she’s home! We cleaned and restrung her with elastic (she is originally strung w/ rubber bands). She’s so resentful of being teensy. But she likes caramels.

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Bastille Day 2006!

Yesterday we celebrated July 14th with Ze “Bal de la Victime” Bastille Day Dolly Picnic! ‘Twas awesome. Myself, Mr. Kallisti and Butter, picked up The Robots (Nadja & Will) and met up with St. James, Idrisfynn & JennyNemesi near Pioneer Meadow in GG Park. Unbenownst to us the meadow had been taken over by large tents and giant african foam heads o_o. So once KellyHime and Mr. KellyHime showed up on their vespa, we nipped around the bend to the Rose Garden (two rose garden dolly picnics this summer!) and claimed the least swampy bit of rising ground. Maggie joined us shortly, I’m glad she got the communique that the little group had moved!

(Ondine as the costumer who forgot her contacts :p)
The weather was wacky, alternately sunny and bright then cold, blustery with billowing fog. You’ll notice in the pictures how they suddenly turn leaden grey or are over exposed. Ugh! Still, we had parasols, lots of parasols. Cake and booze unburdens the soul. Olives and brie feed the mind. And my new favorite cocktail: Trader Joe’s Blueberry Soda with B & B (cognac & benedictine)… YUM!
I’ve been sewing for two weeks preparing two outfits. The empire Merveilleuse dress Aurelie is wearing and the split bodice Patriot dress for Hermione. I think pattern making has finally clicked, I drafted two dresses and a corset in the past two weeks. Wooo! You can see inspiration from my collection of images of costuming circa the French Revolution.

(the custom cake from The Cake Gallery. reeeeeeeeeeally goooooooood! btw, re: marie antoinette… she never said that.)
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Mad Hatters BJD Tea & Picnic

Firstly, I am sunburned! Pastey pinky people like me are usually very well prepared for outings. However, I was fussing with packing and dressing til the last minute and completely forgot my sunscreen. At least it was overcast all day so I didn’t feel it :p
The Tea was awesome! I forgot to take pictures of the food (and half of my own dolls, d’oh!) but everyone really went all out with the lovely snackies. And boy was it appreciated! There were like 6 fruit salads and I ate each one. Yarm! Liz even brought hot Mock Turtle Soup! Woot! We brought the cute picnic ware, drinks and absinthe was served. Nouvelle Orleans for the curious ^_^ tell them Kallisti sent ya!
Linky to full gallery!
85 or so dolls at last count! I love our dolly people. They rock, veritably.
Since I neglected to get pictures of Ondine & Lulu & Aurelie at the tea I should prolly take more pix while they look so cute. Tomorrow is PUT THE HOUSE BACK TOGETHER DAY AFTER RIPPING IT APART AND DRESSING DOLLIES. Woot. Maybe that and a leetle bbq. Love life.

Three Penny Dolly

Ondine is the spoiliest girl this month! I’ve been having fun buying the groovy boy clothes I’ve never had the chance to buy, weeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is the Luts outfit I finally got squared away, the detailing is awesome: working pockets both front and back and fits Ksy/Ondine like a glove! The whole outfit does really. The boots are also Luts SD13 pink boy boots and are the best fitting I’ve found yet due mostly to the nice roomy toe. And that’s not all, we have the Luts pink cupcake outfit on its way this very moment. Ha!
Miette is quite the little street performer. I love this her outfit, she’s been wearing it aaaall month. Thanks Aimee! It is a nice simple black underdress w/ pintucks and then the little check dress goes over top, so it is very versatile and you could rearrange the outfit. I like outfits you can do that with.
And Hermione takes my breath away every day. I still can’t believe I get to keep this extraordinary creature.
OMG, do you see how retarded these dolls make me? :p They’ve taken the place that popstars used to when I was younger. Sigh. I’m such a big dumb girl.

On another note, I just spent the whole day breaking my blog. Ugh! I was setting up notifications this morning (sign up!) and apparently put in a nefarious variable into the config file and the back end of MT got real brokey. So I just reinstalled it twice and finally moved it to a clean new install (which is really nice anyway) and find out all I had to do was remove the stoopid line in the config file. So. We’ll see if the notifications still work! :/