Wee holiday

Took the day off today. Finished production on yet another iteration of the corporate website and I’m totally beat. I had to work through some pain and illness so I was pretty ill tempered at work. Just hoping it didn’t show too much :p
So yesterday, when the site was live and I was pretty sure the kinks had been worked out, I demanded a holiday and got it. Phew!
So I’m happily surfing the internet and drinking too much coffee. In my pj’s. I’m so behind! LJ: I was lucky if I could scan my fllist looking for pretty pictures. DOA: poking my head in to voice an opinion now and again. Home: my mother in law is coming next week so we’ve been spring cleaning. Needed to anyway as we had a bad mildew problem what with all the rain this spring and the fact that where our house is used to be a marsh. So everything had to be moved away from the outside walls and cleaned. Hence the selling. Not that my stuff is moldy!!! Just need to get rid of some of this stuff…
I need to revisit my to do list now that I am out of production mode. I did manage to fix the notification features with the blog, so it is working now, or appears to be! Thanks to Pair.com support (my host) who are AWESOME and know their shit and if they don’t they find out. I’ve been with them for almost six years now, with hardly a complaint. And they NEVER, EVER have gone down. EVER. Just wanted to say. ♥.
Wow, I guess I felt the need to update, huh?
I’ve been a little disconcerted about how cookies or whatever let ad servers track you all over the internet. I noticed last year sometime that Lane Bryant ads were being served at me everywhere I went and I was all “how do they know I’m fat!?!?! wtf.”
But whatever.
Speaking of… some of the spring stuff is sooper cool. They’re carrying on a bit with the vintage/historical costume theme. I picked up this amazing blouse the other week though it doesn’t look like it is on the site anymore. In the softest white cotton w/ pale blue stripes it is totally a 1830’s drop sleeve inspired top. With large pintucks the sleeves drop of the shoulders and then poof. I could get all Brontësque and still wear jeans. Weeeee!
OMG, I’ve been talking to you for an hour. I hope to go look at little chihuahua doggies today. Weee!

Big kitty

We weighed Pekoe yesterday. TWENTY-TWO POUNDS OF KITTY. He is one big cat. So fluffy though.
I wanted to finish the peekture projekt this weekend, but had the pms weekend of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. I couldn’t get anything done. However, I did have a few left over that I hadn’t posted from last weekend.
Babyjane had requested a close-up of my face-up supplies, and someone else of my work area. Lucky them it was all out as I was redoing Ondine all week.

So. A close-up of the work area mid-face-up. The only thing missing is the piece of paper I scribble chalks on to dab my brushes in for blushing. Here’s what it looks like tidy. And then just for kicks a close-up of Oriettacat’s Bad Fairy doll in her fairy cage. And a little miracle. My uncle got all excited recently when he was rummaging around in one of his kitchen drawer. He has my grandmother’s house, and traditionally the bottom drawer closest to the floor was my toy drawer. Well, he found that little dirty 2″ doll way in the back. Still in one of the earliest examples of Kallisti Kouture. Ah, treasures.
And Lyssa wanted to see my ginormous dvd collection. Here’s the large chunk of it that is not in storage:

And, as always, there were a few requests of Biscuit. Just to put it in perspective, Biscuit (who is one year old now!) is about 7.5lbs. Pekoe is 22lbs. And Biscuit kicks his ass!

That last one with my favoritest thing in the planet, Mr. Kallisti in a rare appearance. Biscuit is quite the Papa’s boy, they love eachother.
So. I’m probably down to dolly pix. A couple people asked for bedtime pix and the girls don’t have a bed, and don’t really have proper nighties. But I’ll come up with something!

Peekture Projekt, Part I

This is going to be the longest post in the world. And it is only the first half!
Spent yesterday running around with a camera. Sorry these are not quite in order. I’m too disorganized for that :/ Please click on thumbnails for nice big peektures.

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even godless heathens can enjoy christmas

Which hasn’t always been the case. Like seafood, I was once allergic to Christmas. A lot of it was because I used to work retail. And people are just evil when shopping during the holidays. I would work twelve exhaustive evil hours on Christmas eve, and then hurl at the thought of “celebrating” something every angry young heathen opposes on principal anyway.
Some time in my late twenties I rediscovered the christmas tree. And bright sparkly ornaments. And creepy santas. And over the years I’ve reclaimed the holiday for myself. I love the smell of the tree, and roasting a turkey in my tiny apartment size stove. Last year Mr. Kallisti and I celebrated our first Christmas together and it was sublime.
So. We got up early and went and picked up our christmas tree. Yip! Last year we bought grab bags of olde ornaments at Thrift Town in The City for $3 a bag. Lots of crap but got a lot of gems too. So we actually have a bunch of ornaments already.
Also. Mr. Kallisti’s mother sent three huge boxes full of presents. Some wrapped, some old heirlooms she wanted us to have. Like old victorian postcard and scap albums. And his grandparents kewpie cake topper. Eeeeeeeeeee! She knitted me a pink froofy scarf to match my new coat, and knitted one for Fifi too! Ah!
So, back to cleaning the house and setting up the glowing gnome and creepy santas.

The kimono is coming out FAB. I should be done in a day or two. So fun. I’m going to go start my “All Creatures Great and Small” marathon.


I have to do it. It is driving me nuts. My books are caving in on me.

This is looms right over my side of the bed, there is about 8″ seperating the two. Please excuse the clean laundry basket overflowing at the foot of the bed here.
I love our cottage, but the bedroom is so small and narrow, and it is the only space with room for my giant bookcase (5′ x 6′!) and all our books. They’re stacked and stuffed in crevasses, spilling onto the floor, and there are numerous crates already in the garage of old paperbacks. I pulled a box of unwanted books a few weeks ago but it didn’t even make a dent!
I’m going to be getting rid of some books. Oh, my beloved books. It is going to be hard. And then, from what is left over, we will store some in the garage, so we can get this monstrosity of a bookcase (that I LOVE) out of our bedroom.
Oh, and *snoopy dance* I won the winky Lusis face last night off of YJP. And for a lot cheaper than I got the orgasmic face. D’oh!

Remember this?

Well. After two weeks of diligent searching and returned furniture items, we finally found a storage solution for my storage problems. We couldn’t find one massive unit full of drawers to replace all the smaller plastic storage units. So we started back at square one and got a white melamine armoir that fit all the little drawer thingies we already had. We just need to add one more shelf inside and it is all good! I’m so relieved we found something not ugly at IKEA. I switched out the knobs myself, even though they had nice little white glass ones, these will match the ones on the hutch opposite. SO. The smallest room in the world has two hutches, an armoir and a kitchen table in it. Wowie. And thanks to Mr. Kallisti for putting up with my endless searching, whining, and for putting it all together. Mwah!!! K. I’ll shaddup. Here’s the pictures.

This first one utilizes mood lighting. Sorry about the flash on the rest of them.

How much does Demelza love her dress form, huh? And, by the way, that is my great grandmother’s pin cushion rolling around next to the sewing machine. My grandmother used it all the years I knew her and it was apparently her mother’s! I cherish it.

Cluttered Rooms & Granny Porn

K, I know you want to hear about the “granny pr0n” first. We’ve been suddenly struck with a severe case of summer. In the Bay Area that generally lasts from sept. 1st through sept. 29th. And then it rains until March (when we’re not having a drought). So. It’s been to hot to stay indoors, Saturday we tried driving around but all exits from the area were clogged with Labor Day Weekend Flotsam so we scooted sideways over to antique shop mecca — Martinez! Found my dad an old, hand smithied cowbell that he wanted for his yard gate. That was gratifying, actually found random item we were looking for. But the random item we WEREN’T looking for was even more fun. Some vintage 1930’s fabric caught my eye. Hrm. Pink pot holders. And then the neon sticker on top “Naughty Pot Holders.” Wtf!?! A quick inspection had me giggling insanely and scuttling for the counter to quickly pay my devastating $6 for the two potholders. I call them “granny porn” because it tickles me to think someone’s grandmother stitched these. Without further adieu:

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A clean well-lighted place…

workroom-001The best Valentine of all… Mr. Kallisti graciously suggested I take over our wee dining room as a work room. Hither-to-fore my work stuff has been in plastic bins chucked all over the house, and everytime I had a project it all got yanked into the middle of the living room floor.

It is small, but the cutest room in the house. It has a built-in in one corner with art deco edgings, and another corner cabinet we bought in the other corner. It is also the best lit room in the house, perfect for projects.

I’m so happy I could MAKE SOMETHING!