Addicted to color… and online window shopping.

Cherry Blossom Sheeting.jpg
apothecary-bathroom.jpgOnly one of the above bits o’ eyecandy have I purchased. Sigh. The internet is so soothing. Since the move last August I have a freshly sparked interest in pretty little things for the house. A girl can always shop, can’t she?
Pottery Barn’s Apothecary Bath Collection. Mrwowr.

the sleeper awakens.

I’ve never had such a deep winter slumber. We had a marvelously wet and early spring, the above was taken in February. A miniature daffodil hill sprung up in the middle of the garden. While only a few flowers bloomed, there are dozens of the plants in an ancient raised bed surrounded by a stone circle. We’ve since weeded and now wait to see if any more blooms will happen or whether we’ll need to unearth the bulbs come fall to put the daffy back in the daffodil.
We’ve started an absinthe garden and sprinkled the earth will drifts of california wildflower seeds. The herb bed I planted in the old stone pond has exploded, yay!
Apologies to those near and far for the silence. My inbox is a wasteland and I’ll be touching base with all of you soon.
P.S. Oh, see the new site design? I’m still sweeping up, more to come!

October Sun

I actually caught Mr. Kallisti off-guard yesterday. I had repainted Miette last week, and did her up properly last night with a new frock from Volks and new wig from Leeke (both the girls are wearing the new “champagne pink” color). I told him she was my NEW DOLL. Knowing that I’d gotten a box from Volks that day (which was really just the outfit and art supplies), and then I kicked him for not recognizing her.  Not fair really.  :p

Anyway, some new pix of Astræa and Miette in the garden. Not good for showing off Miette’s new face-up, or anything other than my sucking at the chiaroscuro with a camera :p But you can see Astræa’s new dress that I somehow whipped up between hell & high water this summer. It is made out of three different scraps of embroidered edwardian batiste, over tea dyed seersucker. I luvs it.


And here, my lovelies, are my first plants planted.


We get coastal fog and are much breezier than most of California, but
our yard is on a sun facing hillside and gets the full blast all
day. So I’m going full-on mediterranean. Not intentional at first, originally just a matter of taste, until I started reading up on it and how all the hot, dry, low
water plants (aside from native) that I’ve chosen are common med
varieties. Just starting with the fragrant shrubs that I can eat:
lavender, rosemary, with oregano and thyme in the tiny herb patch we’re
putting in what was once an oval pond!  About ten by three feet, there are still traces of blue paint.
This was entirely covered over with dirt when we arrived, only much
scraping has revealed it. I put in a little bird bath in the corner. We
hadn’t even gotten the lavender and rosemary in the ground before the
bees and butterflies were fluttering. This garden is amazing. So many
birds. We have four hummingbirds that hang out at our feeder, Mr.
Kallisti (and Biscuit) can tell them all apart!

Yeah, so I’m a famous plant killer. One of the reasons I really need
shrubs etc that thrive well naturally. I’m going to try to baby them to
get them started. I love the smells already! Gah! It is a start anyhow,
we’ll be getting more top soil to pretty up the surfaces soon. Our
nursery was out. Meh!?!?

And on that note, I’m cooking pasta with fresh garden vegetables given to us as a welcome to the neighborhood prezzie from one of our lovely neighbors.  We’re the only couple under 85 on our block, and most of them have been here since just after WWII.  It is really lovely up here! Sigh…

Here I am!

Something weird, aside from myself, going on with my blog. For some reason ImageMagick and NetPBM aren’t being recognized on my server so the MT software can’t process images into thumbnails etc. I also upgraded to MT4, but it is barfing on my old templates. So I’ve moved to a slightly modified default for now and will be cleaning it up as I time allows! I hate doing things in stages this way, but it was brokey. *whine*
Also, what eeediot (me) thought it was a good idea to have a tooth extracted and then move the day after? This was my first bit o’ tooth surgery, I guess I’ve been lucky… but holy crap! That was horrible. How come I only got nitrous during the needle part, and not the pulling, smashing, banging and stitching??? I’ve never taken so many pain killers in my life. My face ballooned up very unattractively, and I had to stumble around directing my 70+ year old parents in moving token boxes up the hill to the new place (they insisted on helping, it was very sweet ♥).
I get my stitches out this morning… dude, I have stitches IN MY MOUTH o_0
Any way, welcome to the worst month of my life. Seriously. This entire year (except for that whole trip to Europe fabulousness) has bit the big donkey schlong.
But this morning on the way to work, as I was turning down Moeser and confronted with the AMAZING view of the bay from the end of our block, I felt the first glimmer of optimism since that poor man was murdered on our lawn.
It is not over, but there’s hope. And orphaned hedgehogs and a brush.
I still have to cancel DirecTV and eat the $175 contract cancellation fee they tricked me into 6 months ago for ordering their useless DVR that I returned anyway and ate the $99 non-refundable fee on already. As well as the preliminary AND final walk-through with our previous evil landlord and hope he doesn’t try to withhold our deposit beyond reason. Oh, and we have to eat another $150 contract fee from Earthlink because they don’t offer DSL at the new location. WTF, indeed.
I did manage to snag 5 pairs of shoes from the Haute Doll MA collection. Rawr. The dollies are still packed. I’m going through withdrawal. And my mother-in-law arrives on the 6th for a holiday!

I’m moving!

So I’ll be offline for the next week or so. Will be checking email periodically from undisclosed locations.
Also, all service provider companies are teh ebil. DirecTV, Earthlink are especially dumb. I HATE CONTRACTS, they violate my sovereignty.

Blastmilky Insane

K, I have this problem… I am pattern blind.
I know there are few people out there that have known me since high school, and know exactly what I’m capable of when feeling “free.”
We’re preparing to move: which translates to Mr. K packing and me planning curtains and furniture arrangements. Our couch has disintegrated and we need a new one badly. I wanted something nice, an adult couch, but the more I think about it, the more I picture pets and my hair product destroying it. While I don’t find them very luxurious, the Ikea couches are washable, and that has a huge draw for me right now. I don’t want to destroy an expensive couch. Even the cheap ones are expensive :p… and Ikea has… SLIPCOVERS! In cheerful patterns.
The new house is like a fishbowl, lots of windows all around and no curtains or blinds. We have a few, but they’ll need suplementing. Big time. So that is even more new stuff from Ikea.
So I started playing with “swatches” in Photoshop. And stabbing myself in the eye with the results. Gah!
I have light green bookcases and moss green old cotton velvet curtains (if I can find them) and I’ve been accenting my living room w/ red and green for awhile. And I just bought the red Ikea display cabinet for Mr. K as an anniversary prezzie for his kaiju. Off the bat I really like the b/w floral upholstery. And the red-striped curtains. And then I found these cherry blossom birdcage curtains and a black and white throw rug w/ cherise accents. So we’ll throw in the red ottoman (I’d do a red couch but there would be too much cat/dog hair showing. I like to fool myself into not vacuuming every 15 minutes). And then there’s this awesome mirrored sidetable at another store, and my big Victrola VV-44. And of course there will be dollies all over everything. And Blythes with their big eyes.
And that is the part where I stab myself in the eye.
I’ve learned that normally when I hate my designs it is because I make this mistake. Good design sense is buried amid 15,459 clashing prints/colors/stripes. I’m never, ever going to be a minimalist, but I think you can still be an insane collector and have something be pleasing to the eye. If a little frantic. I start to take away things and work towards a little more white space. This always disappears after the first year as the (white) space fills up with art deco chalk dolls and giant junko mizuno roly poly stuffies.
I may still get the mirrored sidetable though… it rocks!

Sea View—Pink House!

Sea View–Pink House!

Originally uploaded by blastmilk.

What a week! Last monday this happens. We were home and ran out with the rest of our neighbors to see what happened. So awful!. And now, a week later and we already have a new rental lined up!

We’d been planning to move this year, we need the space, and Butter doesn’t have an enclosed yard. I love this neighborhood sooo much but more and more outside elements have been committing evil here over the past few years. The day after the shooting I started looking at craigslist and found the cheapest rental up in the hills, same zip code as current. It has the hugest yard imaginable, with 5 fruit trees and a little path (though in sore need of all kinds of water and care), a bay view with twinkly lights and lots of parks and wilderness for happy dog walking. And is totally affordable. Oh, and a working fireplace.

I will sorely miss the honeymoon cottage. It is nearly four years to the day that we moved in, right after we returned from Vegas getting married. Sigh!
So. Another month of WHERE’S KALLISTI!?!!? We’re movin’ up!

Dolly Storage

Target : Simply Shabby Chic™ Armoire Chest – Sour Cream
I want that so bad fer my dolls. It is nice and oversized for oversized dolly storage, plus drawers! Biscuit has lately become the masked wig bandit, in the mean time all my dolls are bald and are constantly being knocked over. Why the latent evil tendancies!?!? He’s 2 1/2! Meh.
Bad kitty. But he wakes me up with kisses. What are you gonna do?
Our space is so tight. The stage would have to go… and then what? Not an option. Mr. Kallisti said wrapping the stage in razor wire was not an option either :p But pining for this has made me want to jettison everything. Heh. But there is no one thing to move or get rid of to make space. Casa Formica is full of 1/6th dollies and fits perfectly where it is. My work room is PACKED and already has two hutches and an armoir in it o_0. The bedroom is full of millions of books. and my dresser.
Woe, the tiny house! Wah, wah, wah. Shoot me.

Kaiju BBQ

(pic stolen from nadja)
Paul came up this last week for his show of custom painted vinyl at Super 7 (please to buy). Went to the opening friday and had a blastorama! Lots of friends, beer & plastic monsters. I fell in love with a red glitter godzilla and Mr. Kallisti promptly smacked it on the counter and brought him home for me, along with 2347834 beasties. Yay beasties! I could decorate an entire room w/ this godzilla as the centerpiece. He’s just that fabulous.
Yes, that is Paul in the monkey suit, and Mr. Kallisti making sweet, sweet love to him.

And the Robots. Always a nice excuse to see them! Kelly & Robert were also there ♥… and an old friend Valerie (not pictured) who knows Nadja that I probably hadn’t seen since 1995 or something. We used to work together when we were babies on Haight Street in 1989 or so. She’s gorgeous as she ever was. Meh. We’re all grow’d up now.
And then we went to a noodle house around the corner. YUM! I had Imogen on the table, and the waitress was so tickled and said she was cute.

Saturday morning Paul & Melissa made it to Casa de Blastmilk, it was “fuck it all BBQ” day! The Robots, Nadja & Will, were here too. Paul had promised to cook ribs & potato salad. And boy were they good. Beer boiled compton ribs and nummy, num potato salad. He whipped it all up effortlessly.
I made the onion dip.
I, of course, neglected to take pictures this day. Meh. So I’ve stolen these from my friends. Thanks!

Butter was definately the attention whore of the day. This was her first party! She’s a bit nervous when meeting new people, so we greeted everyone at the door and stuffed their pockets full of biscuits. She really loves men, and Paul & Will got a lot of her attention and tarty antics. She was super good. Very well behaved aaaall day long.

Who’s lucky?
Please go see their flickr accounts for more:
Nadja Robot, Paul Kaiju, and Melissa.
And then check out Melissa’s travel tales. They’re good.