domuya love

tiny update, please note the size of my thumbnail. it is wee. my bandwidth is large and costing me mucho dinero.
my long lost domuya order arrived today. whoopee! totally my fault, I put the wrong zip code on the shipping address and it took an extra week to find me. new pink froofy customhouse wig (so happy!) it is extra candy, as it is pink mixed with white. and cuuuuute little volks lolita outfit just in time for spring. it is a little dress and pantalooooooons with lots of lace edging and ribbon up the front.
how many pink wigs can a girl have!?!?! I still don’t have a volks pink wig. then I think I’m done.

She’s gonna kill me!

I think Fifi is either gonna love this outfit, or she’s gonna kill me for dressin’ her like bo-peep on crack.

I don’t see many people dressin’ their SD13’s quite so frilly. I wish there was something I could do to make it just a little bit evil. Please comment if you have any hot tips!
In any case, this is the Dolly Dolly Alice dress pattern, altered a bit. Thank you to Helene for traveling this road before us!
I empire’d the waist by shortening it 1/2″ and scooped the neck out a bit, I thought that might give it *just* the decollete the outfit needed to age it a little (snicker). It is fully lined, and I hid most of my grevious mistakes pretty well. The one thing is the fabric is way too heavy. But who could resist this Baskin Robbins pattern!?!?! But it made the sleeves hard to gather, so they might not be tight enough.
The bonnet I got from an old victorian dolly pattern and enlarged it.

Circus! Circus! Lolita! SD Couture!

Two things.
1) Drove by a pet store and noticed hot pink velvet & zebra striped chez lounges for dogs in the window. Went back the next day to check the price as the ones online we’d been looking at were in the $300-$400 range. The lounges were only (!) $99, but they did have this darling purple sofa for considerably less. I died. Died so much I went back the *next* day and bought it. I have another leopard print chair on the way too. Sigh.
2) Spent the weekend sewing. Came up with a nice mix-and-match set (there will be more) of two bloomers and a bonnet in Super Dollfie size. The bloomer pattern I drafted myself, the bonnet pattern I adapted from reprinted antique doll patterns. Very tricky! I used Pullip as a model, her head should be a similar size. It is much more pink than in these pictures. The ruffley pantaloons are magenta, and the Baskin Robbins ones are magenta and pink. I love this combo! I think I’ll call it the “Circus Circus Lolita” set. For obvious reasons.

The Goth Loli Halloween Parade

Weee! What better excuse than Halloween than to get aaaaall my dolls dressed up in Lolita outfits.
I ran out of dolls though, I actually have more Gothic Lolita outfits than I do dolls, or space to display and photograph them.

We drove all over California Saturday trying to track down the few remaining tiny light-up pumpkins. It was a quest… I ended up with way more groovy Halloween crap than I needed, oh well!

The Perfect Kisara

Is here! And the new Takara Lolita outfit came the day before from Rudi. I guess she has the Jenny 18 body? She’s about 1/2 inch taller than my Aya.

I don’t have a SAJ body, so this is the nicest quality Jenny body I’ve seen, though I haven’t undressed my special Jenny Shop 18. I was going give her a busty obitsu body, as I think it would make her look sassy, but I might leave it now. Oh, and when I tried pulling the other head off my obitsu the neck nob snapped off into the head. Sigh.

Big Lots Lolita!

It was unseasonably hot this weekend, in order to escape the heat we dashed off to Big Lots hoping to buy lots of crap. Which we did. I came away with several doll outfits that are all rather silly…
First is the Big Lots Lolita… the oufit is meant for a small sized baby-doll, but the dress, bonnet and even booties fit 1/6th in a wrong yet alluring way. I couldn’t resist, Pinky is so cheeky in the ensemble (azone stockings added). The set came with bottles, rattles and a dish & spoon.

And next, if you didn’t get enough pink, we have Violet in a Nutcracker Suite dress by Barbie. It’s a lovely regency cut dress (in pink) that is actually made in cotton instead of their usual weird acetate, and you can’t see ’em in this pic, but there is a nice pair of long pink bloomers to match. I’m thinking of dying the dress, but might leave it. Fits lovely over the bustier volks figures (Violet is a D).

And lastly… is Molly’s new PVC Catsuit, from a super cheapo line called “Pop Divas”. It is a *perfect* fit on the busty Obitsu, very curvy looking… and the long legs actually look real nice even though I stuffed them into some platforms. Great for that Nouveau Charlie’s Angel’s bimbo look… Molly loves it, her nipples poke through.

Each set was a whopping $1.99