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Innocent World
Innocent World:
You might as well be a doll! You have perfected
the wide-eyed innocence of youth that everyone
can only wish for. Will you ever grow up?

Which Gothic Lolita Fashion House Is For You?!
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And on a side note, another week of empty promises, no Black Melody shippy noticies! I think I must steal myself, she might not be here for Halloween. ::sobbing icon::


You’re a Victorian-era corset. How refined.

What corset are you?
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Stolen from… someone on LJ ^_^!
I’m getting antsy for my Black Melody! Oh boy, oh boy! She’s supposed to ship in a week from Dollmore. I love her little fingers, that is what sold me on the sculpt. It is always the fingers. She’ll be 13-14″… a bit taller than I originally thought. I really like her extreme dead baby make-up. We’ll keep it for awhile… that’ll be a first! I wonder if her dress is going to be quality at all? Black is so hard to tell online. Meh. I also ordered 82473 pairs of stockings from Dollmore. Yay! I hate sewing them…
Also, Dollheart has new mix ‘n’ match for 60cm! I’m waiting for them to get the less casual stuff in stock. Heh. I haven’t much liked any of their new dress lines over all lately. Foof.

Ah, the soothing balm of Azone

It is that time again. Azone October collection. Sigh…

Unfortunately, their Halloween outfits always come out IN October, so you’ll be lucky to get them on your dolly for the holiday. But this is a particularly cute witchypoo ensemble for 1/6th, Jenny & Momoko sized! I wish’d they do 60cm Halloween outfits. Meh.
But wait! It doesn’t stop there…
Cutie dolls, Black Rabbit & Festa Cuore (whatever that means):

That also comes in 60cm! Not to mention some cutie patootie ballet & 23cm (blythe & licca sized) outfits!

Oooh! We’re back!

So great to meet everyone and see all the gorgeous and much loved dollies.

Click for a whole gallery! A lot more would have made it if I hadn’t shot them over exposed :/ Bleh. They’re not badly photographed, they’re artistic!
Funniest thing, when a very nice gent set up his Hound there was (literally) a collective sigh from all surrounding females (and there were a lot of us). As if hypnotized we all moved a little bit closer and sort of hovered, breathless and in awe. It was as if the resin emanated testosterone, really amazing, and very funny. If you are on the fence about Hound, get off it. Amazing.
Another new crush? Soah… Devon brought his Soah and she is exquisite. She had the most gorgeously painted eyebrows, hands down. Truly looks like the old Japanese doll painting. So in awe.
Thanks to everyone, twas loverly!

Gosurori Jennys… weeeeeeeee!

It is a veritable parade! Jenny-land finally posted new upcoming Jenny pix (not her fault, Takara has had Jenny on hiatus all year!) and she has posted pix for this year’s Anniversary Jenny’s that I’ve been eagerly awaiting since Hobby Search first posted these horrible sketches. In any case, thanks to Tikistitch for posting them first!
The August Anniversary Girls! (omg, lolita bunnies!)
The Jenny’s Club Exclusives

And the December Birthday Exclusives that must be preordered by tomorrow from Jenny-land!

Tikistitch is right that Takara needs to vary their lolita’s a bit, a lot of the blue girl’s design is recycled.
Still cute though. Meh.

She’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

Fifi Mahony v4.0

Poor Fifi, she’s been in the head cabinet since Gin arrived. Gin desperately needs a body because I love them both very much! But until I was ready to send Fifi to the Blastmilk spa, she was content to live in the cabinet. Well, more or less.
Funny story. I fully intended to freak out blastmilk readers by giving her a totally different face-up. I see so many gorgeous F13’s that I really wanted to try something different. Honest. But clearly she would have none of it. Fifi is completely married to her drag queen gothic persona. I have nothing to do with it.
The details: she’s sportin’ new Volks lashes, that are just as much the super drag queen lashes as the volks gothic lashes are. Sweet! Also, she finally got her baby pink zoukies. Mew. She would have gotten them as her default FCS eyes if Volks had had them at the time. And, best of all, both her and Ondine are sportin’ the fruits of a recent trip to Japan by Erin Fae, who graciously offered to be my happy Volks shopping fairy. These two dresses were bought at Volks, but were probably left overs from a recent dolpa, very handmade… but very cool. Lots of super cute broken english screenprinted, my favorite being “pubic enemy”… teehee! Ondine also got the light brown w1 wig, I love these wigs so much. They are all gorgeous. She also brought me back some super 1/6th clothing etc that I’ll be showing off later. YAY.

Black Station White Station

Shot in the early morning sun.
The wee wicker chair was sent by my sweet mother in law. So. Cute!
This is a BIG FAT thank you to Kelly! Who took the trouble to pick up a basket full of Volks clothes at Dolpa in Tokyo last week for us kids who couldn’t make the journey. Miette is wearing one of the Volks MSD lolita dresses (she got two!). Hard to photograph, being all black, it appears like a big buncha shapeless ruffles. But in person the dress is very structured and fitted. Really gorgeous. I’m impressed.