Special LE Alice bonanza

Several new Alice (of Wonderfland fame) coming down the pipes… the catch is that they are LE or very hard to get. Sad meh!
Classic Alice – Koron: from Azone, LE edition for Amazon.co.jp ONLY
Black Alice – Lien: from Azone, LE edition for Amazon.co.jp ONLY
And then there is Volks’ Owners Appreciation Event in Kyoto for March 2010… which is rumored to be Alice themed. Lots of pix on DoA!
NOTE: If anyone is going and willing to give a try for the Alice YO for me, please contact me by commenting here. I’m in love with her bushy eyebrows ^_^
Lets hope we can look forward to more easily available Alices and Friends next year with Tim Burton’s release “Alice in Wonderland.” Both Tonner and Medicom are slated to collections related to the film!

Happy Volks Dolpa 21 Regular Items… woo!

First time in nearly two years I’ve managed to schedule myself for a Volks USA shopping event! But I made it, 10:59:47 fingers poised at the ready for Dolpa 21 Regular Items sale! It is like getting concert tickets, oy! Too stressful.
You can go see what is left over now.


Cutie Witch Dress & Whiterose Tea Brown Dress Set are comin’ home to meeeeeeeeeee!

Get thee to the Lane Bryant, pudgy goth girls!


The first two are the same blouse, but you can see detail better on the white. It is very see-through, but very CUTE with ruffles. The stripey babydoll next to it is satiny, and very tim-burtonesque. Which is happy making.
Some of this stuff is already on sale and I’ve had to order online. But wowie, I haven’t been this excited for a long time!
Did I say something about trying to add more color to my wardrobe??? Bah!


K, I bought that first jacket a couple weeks ago, and have been wearing it TO PIECES. Works with jeans, works with slacks. Yes. Uh, and more houndstooth, booyah!


Aaaaaaaaaand, zee cutest li’l jumper set evar. It is black knit over stripe t-shirt.
And we haven’t even hit the Velvet Season™ yet!

It must be (almost) October in Dollyland!

Lost Angeles Dolpa! Something to look forward to:


Baby the Stars Shine Bright… we get a second chance! Waaah! Good thing, cuz I’m not jonesing for any of the other special releases. Heh.
Trick or Treat! Volks’ October Collection… swoony!


I love the crazy boy shoes with that outfit. They’re also getting better with the hats. I’m not hating them so much.
I’m still here though. Still fixing my blog. Working on the backend at DoA. Working at work.
But I’m flying out to Chicago at 6am tomorrow to attend the Adobe Max conference and taking Mr. Kallisti with me so I don’t have to fly alone :p
I’m such a noodle.
But we’re staying at The Allerton, which looks super swank, and is right in the middle of the Magnificent Mile. So go me! I may be a Flash in the pan, but it’ll take some Ajax to get those Flex out. Or I could just photoshop it.
OMG, look! A couple of my dolls!
Astræa & Aphra sitting on their new mantle. Astræa is wearing a dress I made between all the chaos. The over dress is out of scraps of embroidered edwardian batiste, over green and white seersucker I tea-dyed ages ago. My own pattern *proud*

Alice & the Pirates

After having lost the Volks lottery for the A&P outfit last month, I pulled myself up and made the pattern included with Volume 8 of DollyBird for the Alice & the Pirates dress. If I weren’t so overwhelmed this month I’d make all three patterns… but I have stuff to do! Lulu looks fantastic, don’t she? They didn’t include the hat pattern, so I had to figure that one out myself. Oy! I used inkjet decals for dark fabric to get the patterns on the dress. It turned out really well, I think!

I also had the very great fortune to get invited to have dinner with the Isobe’s of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright here in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I’ll make more hay about that at a later date.
I just want to say though, that VIZ Media/VIZ Pictures, the lovely folks who hosted the dinner, will be building and opening the VIZ J-Pop Center in San Francisco’s Japan Town some time in 2008. Including a small theater featuring anime and Japanese live action films. It sounds like it will be all kinds of amazing!

Blastmilk, ahoy!

It seems quiet here, don’t it. Well looks can be deceiving! All the action is IRL and I can barely keep up.
I lost the Volks lottery for the BtSSB Alice & The Pirates outfit, so if there is anyone out there who wants to let a hapless girl takeover their lottery or what have you, pleeeease let me know!
I just paid for my tickets to Europe in June! OMG. First time going, I’m completely freaked (hate flying) and ecstatic (dream come true) at the same time. Mostly I’ll be on tour to the Kallisti-Fest in Boveresse for the Absinthe Festival… but the Mr. and I will be in London for five days on our own.
I need suggestions for the absolutely coolest things to do for a art-history-lit geek like me! Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s & the V&A are a given. What else?
And maybe spend two of those nights in another town? But where?
In any case, there will be more coming from me soon. No worries. This is a big, busy year!

Volks sure is fancy!

I’m not usually very moved by the real life pictures of dollies. If a she is a must have, I’ll know with the release pictures.
But… but… this. Pictures of Luna up close and personal. Omg. There are little dolly devils running in circles sceaming in my head, poking the backs of my eyes with leetle peetchforks.
This too shall pass. But O! The pain is exquisite.