Re-ment Hinamatsuri set!

I’ve been pining vaguely for a hinamatsuri doll set of my own for awhile now… the size of the collection and display however is quite a commitment. So imagine my delight when I noticed “Re-ment Sample Series Hinamatsuri” on the PREORDER list at Hobby Link Japan! A little sleuthing and I scared up the supporting images and the set is as I hoped: a highly detailed miniature 1/6th (probably) complete Hinamatsuri, each set contains part of the display stand and a traditional box.
Available for preorder from several dealers including Hobby Search &!
For more info: Hinamatsuri
The Japanese Doll Festival (雛祭り, Hina-matsuri?), or Girls’ Day.
P.S. I was a very lucky girl and got everything I ordered from the Volks FCS Owners Event thingie! Girls Sailor Dress, white tabi feet, 2 FCS only wigs, one in the new peachy gold color! Now, I just need to wait two months until they show up. Maybe by Christmas, eh?