Gin Lane: A Hogarth Inspired Doll’s House

This is yet a work in progress. Begun in 2000, the house itself is nearly finished, but we ran out of room to keep it out long ago and we are currently lacking recent/completed pictures. For that I apologize. So, for now, you’ll have to make due with the early stages building the doll’s house.
I had originally started with the idea of an apothecary, since I’d begun to collect apothecary jars and a sundry of medical items. But when looking through Hogarth’s prints in search of inspiration, and he had a fairly detailed apothecary scene in "The Rakes Progress,"
the project swiftly shifted to incorporate the quack & his famous harlots, Hogarth’s humor & attention to detail. I selected a two room, two story house that would be easy-ish to fit out. The bottom floor will be the Quack Apothecary from "Rake’s Progress" with the upper floor being a combo of "Before & After" & "The Harlot’s Progress" but mainly drawing on the former. This is not an exact replica, as I’m doing this for fun, and have taken a rather interpretive approach. The first thing I did after gluing the house together was to make my Harlot’s corset (on chair), seen on the Progress page.
I hope to have updated pictures soon. For now, forgive me, and continue
on The Doll’s House Pogress