BBC’s Wolf Hall and Princess Kaiulani

Heart & Country, Career & Family.

Musing as I’m watching another pair of period drama trailers: do I need to write a dissertation on why female rulers must always choose between their “heart” and their country? While their codpiece bedecked brethren are assumed to be in control of both (Ok, ok, so Henry ran into a spot of bother on this one, but if he/she’d just been willing to SETTLE, etc, etc)? Rings familiar to the Career VS Family we’re all supposed to be struggling with. My curiosity is more on the “how much is literary/cultural construct” VS reality.

Wolf Hall (2015)

Source: Madame Guillotine’s Wolf Hall on BBC2

Princess Kaiulani (2010)

Note: I have seen neither of these yet! Will remedy that STAT.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Though it seems like an age away, I’m giddy with excitement over the recent dribs and drabs of information on Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” coming out next year. Aside from the principals of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway et al, we have Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat, Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar, Sir Christopher Lee as the Jabberwock, OH EM GEE!!! And Mia Wasikowska as Alice is gorgeous and ethereal. I love her character design, organdy dress, everything.
Release Date: March 2010
Official Site: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland
IMDB: Alice in Wonderland
Best Source: articles tagged “Alice in Wonderland
Other Best Source: Tim Burton Collective tagged “Alice in Wonderland
My favorite piece of concept art is the Tweedledee and Tweedledum pic, so haunting!

Japanorama and Jonathan Ross love

Mr. Kallisti and I had already developed an affection for Jonathan Ross after watching his highly affectionate series from the 80’s on cult film The Incredibly Strange Film Show that included in depths on John Waters and Russ Meyer among others.
Recently we ran across his Japanorama series. News to us, don’t know how familiar non-brits are with this series, we’ve been spellbound all week with his presentation and enthusiasm for the subject, including eighteen episodes spanning three seasons over six years. Beneath his dapper English exterior, and charming lisp, he is a self proclained Otaku, and his enthusiasm for all things Japanese, especially robots, is contagious.
“JAPANOWAMA! LOOK! I’m widing an electwic panda!!!”
View: Japanorama on YouTube
More info: Japanorama Wikipedia
Super Dollfie (and other kewl toys) make an appearance in Series II, with a full profile excerpted below. Booya!

All content brought to you by the magic of the intarwebz. Full episodes can be found in undisclosed locations.

When SuperKaijus Visit …

Best houseguests EVAR. Junk shopping, Kaiju popping, Okonomiyaki flipping happy goodness. Paul & Melissa.

Sunday was super hot so we had an impromptu Film Fest, with banana shakes and sundry other boozes. Once the sun went down Paul got to work in the kitchen and made a series of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake-like griddled dish) of ever increasing complexity and awesomeness. The Grande Finale was Octopus & Hamhock— or, HAMHOCKTOPUS—that bloo my mind. For real, it was superb! Whoddathunkit???
Pose Doll by Melissa! She is so dreamy, I will name her and play dress-up for DAYS. More, better pictures to come!
omgomgomg!  SuperJunk gifty-poo
And last but not least, Mr. Kallisti has spent the last few months dissecting vintage Kappa, analyzing how they were made, and recreating the art of Kappa Kraft!
Mr. Kallisti's Silver Screen Kappa!Devil Kappa for the Devil Man: Paul Kaiju!

Film Fest for the Aging Hipsters:

Pride and Prejudice BLOO-RAY!

Pride & Prejudice Blu-ray Edition (BBC 1995)
BOOYAH! I’m so excited. P&P prints have been notoriously bad. The Amazon page above has several nice examples of the cleanup they’ve done to get this print sparkle.
I’ve owned nearly every edition of this series, from the initial VHS, which I watched til it disintigrated, and 2 subsequent dvd editions of varying states of UGH. Vive le Hi Def! I can’t wait.

By the Sword Divided – From Revolution to Restoration in Period Drama

What I did over the Christmas holidays… It started out with Mr. Kallisti downloading “The Devil’s Whore” for me “cuz it sounded like your type of thing. Y’know, whores…” It snowballed from there as I watched Charles I beheaded three times over the two week slowdown! It has taken me 2 more weeks just to finish this post, oy!
Here’s the line-up, all highly recommended, in rough chrono-order.
1638 to 1660: The Devil’s Whore [IMDB]

By and large, there are two categories of period drama. The first is White Petticoat Drama, where people do a bit of frisky fan-work, have a picnic that involves a huge ham, and then live happily ever after. The second is Dirty Period Drama – where everyone is covered in boils, wees out of the window, and palpably suffers from the lack of antibiotics and/or mobile telecommunications. The Devil’s Whore is definitely in the second category. John Simm’s fleas should make the credit list. Oliver Cromwell clearly pongs. It makes a dirty war a very dirty war. But one that, against all the Civil War odds, makes great telly.
Caitlin Moran, The Times

1640 to 1660: “By the Sword Divided” (1983) [IMDB] [WIKI]
A bit obvious to say, but if you liked Poldark you’ll really enjoy “By the Sword Divided.” Classic low budget, yet brilliantly written and performed eighteen hour series from the BBC. It also aired on Masterpiece Theater in the late 80’s. One of the few period dramas to deal with the English Civil War, before and aftermath.
1660 to 1685: Charles II – The Power & The Passion (The Last King in the U.S.): [BBC] [IMDB] 2003, covers the life and adventures of Charles II of England, played by the ever roguish Rufus Sewell. Mwrowr.
1673 to 1722: The First Churchills [IMDB]
The First Churchills: 1969! Covers the period 1673 through 1722, based on the biography by Winston Churchill of his illustrious ancestors, the first Duke & Duchess of Marlborough. Susan Hampshire & John Neville are sublime.

I’m excited.

sd-10.jpgAll ya’ll probably have seen this, but it is so exciting. Rawr!
Volks has posted a sentimental history of super dollfie, contests and games, and a nearly complete sketch of their events for the year! This includes TWO US Dolpas for June and November. View: Super Dollfie 10th Anniversary Events Schedule
Dolpa3 in NYC.
June 7th – 8th 2008
Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, NY
In conjunction with FDQ. Registration will be through the Volks site, when they post it. It looks like Volks is beta-testing a new store interface on the Japanese side. Neat!
Also: greatest thing about the writer’s strike? It sent us scurrying for downloadable content on the internet. Yay for BBC programming! Mr. Kallisti has been on a quest to get me mostly Eastenders (I died a little when they cancelled the series on BBC America), every available costume drama and mystery thriller airing. We just transfer it over via wifi on the TiVo and blammo! Plays like TEEVEE.
New favorite show EVAR: Phoo Action
From the genius who brought you Tank Girl and Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett. Whitey with the red hair back there is wearing Buddha’s magic underpants!
(gosh it is hard to get around to posting even when I’m in the moooooood! bizzy, bizzy!)

Alice & the Pirates

After having lost the Volks lottery for the A&P outfit last month, I pulled myself up and made the pattern included with Volume 8 of DollyBird for the Alice & the Pirates dress. If I weren’t so overwhelmed this month I’d make all three patterns… but I have stuff to do! Lulu looks fantastic, don’t she? They didn’t include the hat pattern, so I had to figure that one out myself. Oy! I used inkjet decals for dark fabric to get the patterns on the dress. It turned out really well, I think!

I also had the very great fortune to get invited to have dinner with the Isobe’s of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright here in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I’ll make more hay about that at a later date.
I just want to say though, that VIZ Media/VIZ Pictures, the lovely folks who hosted the dinner, will be building and opening the VIZ J-Pop Center in San Francisco’s Japan Town some time in 2008. Including a small theater featuring anime and Japanese live action films. It sounds like it will be all kinds of amazing!