no reason.

just playin’ with the camera…



And vegetarians, look away! My brother brought us some super special spanish paprika, so I did a rub on some TJ’s pork chops and Mr. Kallisti made a couple of his super fantabulous giant salads to go with. This pic is awesome. Macro with dusk light coming in from the side kitchen window and overhead incandescent. It rocks!
paprikachops 001
I’m really happy with the camera so far. It is tiny, but has excellent metering and light settings that are intuitive and easy to get to. Except for resizing, the above pix had no photoshop magic done.

Plaid Prezzies




Armeleia was so sweet to send Fifi these pants… they fit! Very awesome and cool. They have pockets.
Though the above picture isn’t the best example, that was taken with my new camera! Still have to work on out all the lighting and balance etc. And Fifi did some testing of her own. Her favorite feature, THE MACRO:

And the first thing I took a picture of, my dolls house!


Fifi’s back



Oh, how I missed her. Um, but it is getting too dark for photos so I’m gonna just post a couple. Her outfit really calls for bright outdoor sunshiney happy pix, we’ll get that tomorrow. She’s been entirely taken apart, stripped, washed, recoated, blushed and brand new face-up done. The coating makes her *squeak!*

And no more trussing dolly torture for travel! In less than a week we had won and received an old violin case off of ebay. $15 baby and it has purple felt lining. Mr. Kallisti is lovingly polishing the surface and fixing little bits. Ooooh, happy!


more pictures! oh boy!

Tomorrow we’re going to a Blythe gathering, but I’m also bringing Fifi along as she needs to get out more! This will be her first trip abroad. We’ve been fussing about how to transport her all week. She’s too folded up in our big picnic basket and the same would be for the small rolly suitcases we looked at. So rather than folding her up in the basket, Mr. Kallisti came up with this:

When he called me into the room to ask me a question I almost pee’d I was laughing so hard. He took a 2×4 cut to length, and wrapped that in batting. He’s encased her feet in a sock and yes, that is half a plastic cup wrapped around her face. She’s then tied to the board with rope. Through my giggles I asked him if he was going to lay her on the railroad tracks. He shrugged “you paid a lot of money for her, I don’t want anything to happen.”
We’re then going to wrap her in a towel. In any case, we’re in the market for a violin case she’ll fit into.

And I apologize for more Polly pix, she’s quite the camera whore. And these are a bit similar to yesterdays, but look how awesome she looks in Calliope’s original outfit!?!? Much better, bunny girl.

Last but not least, here’s Totoco Kisara in the new leather girl outfit by Takara, and grown up Mazzy in Azone’s prefab punky girl oufit. Swoony!






Spring has Sprung

First off I would like to congratulate my brother whose meat blog, to which I sometimes contribute, got a mention in Gourmet Magazine this month.
I am super pleased that I’ve been quoted in the magazine for saying “so awesomely yummy.” Yay! Just what I want to be remembered for. But he did refer to my Sukiyaki… which was so awesomely yummy I would probably write the same thing again.

So, it is the first day of Spring, which has actually sprung in California. Neener to the rest of the country. Nyah!
Here’s Fifi in her new duds, and yes, she has a tiara on:

“Just because you can not see the tiara does not mean it isn’t there.” -Hespeth


Wee Doll Fest El Cerrito Style

Angrybutter (and lovely friend) & Aznbutterfly came by the cottage this afternoon. Aznbutterfly brought his brand spankin’ new Shirou who he promptly stripped to show us his willie! Oh boy! So Fifi of course felt obligated and dropped her drawers as well to the delight of all.


My light was bad. Piffle.
Aznbutterfly brought a Kenner Blythe, wooo! She’s also wearing a GORGEOUS ensemble by Christina (who did Calliope’s outfit). Also notice aaaall of Angrybutter’s brilliant girls. I love them SO MUCH. Wah. Funny thing is, Blythes look really great in a cluster. She opened up her pack and they were all belted in, snug as a bug, and absolutely adorable.
Must resist owning 2394734 Blythes.

Velvet Night Fairies





I finally broke down and bought the Azone Velvet Night Fairies outfit for 60cm dolls. I have the 1/6th version and I love it SO MUCH! It is a wee bit small, there is a 1/4″ gap where the dress/apron zips in the back. Bah! I don’t care, though it might matter for other outfits!

But it is exactly like the wee version, made out of the same fabrics. It comes with blouse & pantaloons, all gloriously detailed and pintucked, satiny black dress w/ heart shaped bib and lots of lace, a simple white tulle petticoat and velvet jester hat with tinkly bells.
I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of her with a 1/6th doll in the same outfit. Doh!

K, added Fifi & Molly to the gallery. Squee!

And here’s a couple more pix of Calliope, *eeeeeeeeeeeeee!* She makes me squeal.

calliopewagon 020



I finally finished a proper tricorn for Fifi. My first try was dismal. But thanks to some helpful hints from my friend and boss Tamera who suggested real wool felt (you can steam shape the crown) and stumbling across this site, 1928 The New-way Course in Millinery & Hat Design, I slogged it through. It just needs some detail and embellishment and I will be happy.
Here’s Fifi showing off her new hat & stockings.