Biscuit’s couch

This *used* to be Fifi’s couch. And then Biscuit moved in…
For awhile, I didn’t mind if he slept in it while he was a kitten. Pretty as a picture, he was. I would just vacuum it before I gave it back to the girls. Then, every once in awhile I would find it in the middle of the living room. I figured Mr. Kallisti had been vacuuming and moved it, or had needed to get into the media case it stands in front of. And then one day I noticed all these little holes up the side of the right arm. Look closely at the pictures below. You’ll see them.
They’re teeth marks. Where Biscuit had tried to drag the small couch to his secret hidey place under the bed in the bedroom. Where he drags the rest of HIS stuff! Except he never made it farther than about four feet.

Still. It is his couch now. And look how he crams into it, the little bruiser. See how his butt hangs off it. Caught him with his face pressed into the corner. Our tv program was too loud, he says. He couldn’t sleep, he says.
Oh yeah… HAPPY NEW YEAR! To the East Coast anyway.

Pasty Dolly Directory

(if you have a better name, I’m taking suggestions!)
Anika and I were just whining that, once again, there are no snow/beauty white dolls at the upcoming Dolpa. Phooey! And then I thought… Kohya was the last LE snow release… and that was a year ago! No snow dollies for 2005 at all! So, in the interest of curiosity I’ve compiled a list of Volks beauty white and snow releases, thanks to Aimee’s fine record keeping and volks’ own sites (links listed at the very bottom).
I’m obsessed, and I know Anika feels the same way, with pale dollies. I originally ordered Fifi through FCS because I had to have a pale girl. HAD TO. Don’t get me wrong, I do not love my fresh tone girls any less… but pasty girls make me freak out. Completely. My holy grail is LE Sasha (and SD Nana, weeeeeeeeee!), but she is so elusive, and so expensive on the 2nd hand market that I’ve been patiently waiting for a re-release by Volks. But since there have been THREE editions of Anais since way back when I’ve given up hope, hence my FCS order I placed in LA. Blah blah blah…
So many of the dates/years I’ve completely guessed on, so please, if anyone knows for sure the year and Dolpa/Event a doll was released at, let me know! EDIT: Wah! Found a chronological history! Fills in some of the blanks…
Oh! Another EDIT: Does anyone know which LE’s use the special sato snow that is more yellow than the new pinkish FCS snow? And if there is a special name for them? Geek on me!
But read on! A rough chronological list of pale, wan, wasting, waxing, pasty dollies!

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Cinderella returns from the ball (cont.)

Everytime I sit down to write about it my head is so swirly with all the joy and magic of the weekend that I get all spacey and can’t make decent prose to save my life. So forgive me if I go a little purple! I really do feel like Cinderella.
Or, skip right to the pictures… and the important bits! Sweet Dream Nana
I won the one-off I entered for, and a long time coveted dream girl: sweet dream nana! in pure skin snow! OMG! I have actually made several failed attempts to get her previously and it never worked out. You have no idea… she’s brilliant. They’ve updated the sd10 girl body since Sylvie’s, two years old now, and it is perfect! Knees and legs click into place and are really lovely… she’s in the special limited snow, so she’s a bit different than Miette. She GLOWS. I can’t even stand it. Her face-up is brilliant! Will have to take better pix later, a bunch included in the gallery linked above though. But her eyes are all pink and smokey with dark dark lashes. I will probably replace the lashes with the new fancy volks lashes and paint her teeth so they show. I love dolls with teeth! Her dress and wig are to die for… the wig is custom cut floor length in a light brown. So lovely.
I don’t know her name yet.
I dare you to read the long froofy love fest below.

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Dear Universe,

I’m tired! Lookit what I did today!!! Amazingly it is only 11pm.
I retardedly have to go into work tomorrow to push some flash files to the homepage :p dammint. Hopefully they will be there early early so I can leave. Or I will be severely out of sorts. I so want to get to Torrance before 5pm.
I am very excited about the weekend. Please forgive me if I haven’t signed onto many of the extra curricular activities. Despite my demeanor of bubbles, I actually suffer from Mrs. Bennet syndrome and have terrible NERVES that frequently send me scurrying for the chaise and scrabbling for various drowsy potions. I need downtime between all the exciting bits. Heh. Oh yeah, and I also probably have a broken foot bone. SO YEAH. It hurts. Yay me.
I am, however, very excited to put faces to people I already feel close to. And sad for those who aren’t gonna be there. Meh.
In other news, lookie! So much happier. I loved this dress but just couldn’t do it justice. It looks so HAPPY here. Teehee.
So this is over and out until Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who has bought my crap ^_^ it was so appreciated!!! I got everything shipped except the Rosalia dress, whose kind recipient is being most patient by waiting for tuesday shipping.
By the way, I am bringing all four of my Volks girls. Whether or not all them will ever leave the hotel room at one time is another story, but I couldn’t leave any behind! So Fifi & Demelza are snuggled in the CH carrier, Lulu is in the violin case, and wee Miette is curled up in a cute handbag in delicate shades of shell pink fake leather. Mew!

Fifi’s Closet

omg. So the most retarded thing I’m stressing about is Fifi’s wardrobe for the reception at the Volks Mansion. Who cares what I wear!
You know what is funny, I was looking through the old folder of aaaaaaaaaall her pictures (my photography has come a LONG way the past two years!) and I actually really like the dress I made for her before she even arrived. I think in the long run I’ll remake the bonnet (it is the crap) now that I made a better pattern. But dayum. S’cute.

Still don’t know what to put her in… nursey?
Or one of the LE outfits?

Or…? Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Can’t wait.

July 16th, 2004

“It’s funny, since I got Demezla my fidgety desire for another Super Dollfie has greatly diminished. Demelza and Fifi are my troo loves.” —Me

I mean, Demelza and Fifi are still my troo loves, but I’ve been rather a slut lately. Mee-ow. Viva la Polydorry!
However, in my defense, it wasn’t until Ondine’s head arrived in December that the sacred twosome was violated.

She’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

Fifi Mahony v4.0

Poor Fifi, she’s been in the head cabinet since Gin arrived. Gin desperately needs a body because I love them both very much! But until I was ready to send Fifi to the Blastmilk spa, she was content to live in the cabinet. Well, more or less.
Funny story. I fully intended to freak out blastmilk readers by giving her a totally different face-up. I see so many gorgeous F13’s that I really wanted to try something different. Honest. But clearly she would have none of it. Fifi is completely married to her drag queen gothic persona. I have nothing to do with it.
The details: she’s sportin’ new Volks lashes, that are just as much the super drag queen lashes as the volks gothic lashes are. Sweet! Also, she finally got her baby pink zoukies. Mew. She would have gotten them as her default FCS eyes if Volks had had them at the time. And, best of all, both her and Ondine are sportin’ the fruits of a recent trip to Japan by Erin Fae, who graciously offered to be my happy Volks shopping fairy. These two dresses were bought at Volks, but were probably left overs from a recent dolpa, very handmade… but very cool. Lots of super cute broken english screenprinted, my favorite being “pubic enemy”… teehee! Ondine also got the light brown w1 wig, I love these wigs so much. They are all gorgeous. She also brought me back some super 1/6th clothing etc that I’ll be showing off later. YAY.

Fuille Morte



Fifi is sampling some Berger 1905 vintage absinthe a friend sent over from Paris with her new absinthe spoon and glass made by another artisan friend in the States. I explained to her that vintage absinthe takes on a “dead leaf or fuille morte” color when the chlorophyl in the absinthe turns brown over time.

She’s also wearing dress by Lady Rosalia that mumma bought from Miss May! There was much rejoicing.

And this is for Miss May. Thank you!!!


Fairy Bloo Fifi


Thanks be to Janet for putting together the Soul Doll group order, I got two pairs of acrylic eyes, pale green & pale pink. They are different than the macreative eyes. The white are a matte plastic. I think they look very pretty, if not as deep and luminous as the fine glass eyes.
And also thanks be to Mia for organizing the last Customhouse group order! In which I bought this lovely and ridiculous icey bloo fluffy wig. I LOVE IT.