Fifi Mahony, returns from rehab!

It is like getting a whole new doll! Who knew she’d clean up so nice. She may be tamer, but I’ve warned Mr. Kallisti that she still might get him in the middle of the night if he’s not nice to her. Rawr.
Fifi Mahony turned three on January 20th, ‘magine that!

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New Years Wishlist

All of which we are trying to do without, because we’re saving for a trip to Europe this summer. Weeeeeeeeeeee!
Wishlist ♥

  • Dollstown 13b White Body for my poor girls
  • Dollstown Hue head (because I can see a little chimney sweep in his sad-sad countenance)
  • Volks Sasha! *falls over* (this is the one doll I would throw all good habits to the wind for… well, except paying current market value :p)
  • Sato FCS SD13 F28-27 Girl in white: I wanted an F28 boy, but Foppington has been so troublesome, I think I would just like one of these heads as a girl. I’m desperate actually… and as soon as I’m off financial probation, barring Sasha, this is my plan.
  • Sweet Dream School A: omg.
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel=lurve: thankfully, currently sold out.
  • In a perfect world where I can have anything I want: FCS SD10 Medium Boob White Girl F-01 or F-15 (Syo) head as a sister for Ashenputtel. I dream… sigh.
  • DIM Doll Bjorn head in white
  • Volks Dolpa 16 MSD mushroom outfits ^_^, this dress, SD16 awesome boots, and DD white body with new large milk part!
  • Luts 3 hold black shiney boy boots for Ondine: these always go out of stock when I can finally order, meh! EDIT: wah! they are completely gone from inventory!
  • Mama Told Me (I still don’t have her, and it hurts me)


  • buy nothing (ha!)
  • sell everything
  • keep shifting and selling to improve living conditions
  • finish scanning library into database (woo!)
  • make mattress and bedding for old iron dollbed sitting in the middle of our living room
  • repaint St. Trinian who is finally dismembered, well scrubbed, and ready for her Blastmilk Dolly Hospital Visit.
  • Check in Miette, Fifi & perhaps Lulu to same Hospital Ward… er, some time this year
  • sew handsome suit, street urchin outfit, and lots of top hats for Lord Foppington
  • sew purty dresses and chapeau for girls and use up some of those gazillion pieces of fabric I’ve stashed
  • redo templates for
  • go to Europe and try not to hyperventilate and turn blue before I get on the plane.
  • prepare panels for Dollectable! I’ll be doing several… I think… eeek! what fun though! but it is the weekend before Boveresse (Euro Trip) so I need to prepare ahead!


So ya’ll know I ain’t slackin’…

What does one do when one is not well? One drafts a pattern and sews an 18th century bodice by hand while watching 6 hours of The Duchess of Duke Street. And then one makes a pair of hoops (not sewn by hand, but much engineering ensued).

I like progress pictures, so here’s mine. I’ve been meaning to make a set of hoops for… oh, since before I brought Fifi home :p and here they are, finally. With much help from the images on this site, and the rest of the internet. The ultimate in underpinnings. Mr. Kallisti says: “Oh, what, those go under the clothes?!?!?!”
The bodice is made out of the vintage bo peep fabric I got recently. Adapted from a 1770 polonaise. Mmmm. The stomacher is next!

Thank you Cosworx!

Imogen, Fifi & Lulu

Originally uploaded by blastmilk.

At the LA Tea, Mara’s Toppi was wearing the cutest li’l ducky dress. I enthused, she said Char had made it and might have more and within a few minutes she came back and said Char’s minions would fetch her goodies from the car if’n I did have the cash. Well! I plunked it down, and had my little ducky dress on the spot.

Also, I copied Mara, which is awesome of me.

Char also presented me with a tiny gift box over hamburger steak curry at Curry House next day and in it were the awesomest set of SD kitty ears. All in pearly pink, fuzzy insides and little bows and flowers attached. And the teensiest pair of red devil horns for the just acquired Dropsy!

When I got home the duckies immediately went to Imogen. There is something special about mean little girls in cute ducky prints o_0 it makes me unbelieably happy.

And Fifi, as usual, is jockeying for a modeling job. At least it is better than trying to become a Suicide Girl. Eeep!

Thanks Char!

happy link to Cosworx!

Imogen, Fifi & LuluFifi's special kitty ears from cosworx.comFifi's special kitty ears from cosworx.comFifi's special kitty ears from cosworx.comFifi's special kitty ears from cosworx.comcosworx_especial07cosworx_especial03dropsy sporting wee cosworx devil horns!Lulu in dollheart outfit=loveLulu in dollheart outfit=love

Skinny Girls

Dear Internet,
I need a skinny white body for a couple of my heads. So I thought I’d ask the internet! Both Ginevra & Ermengarde can share a body. And although Gin is old skin beauty white, she’s much less yellow than Fifi so should match whatever Ermengarde is pretty well. As St. James so aptly puts it, I need a girl who looks like she “needs to eat a sandwich.”
So the body has to be a) skinnier than volks SD13 b) white resin that doesn’t clash much with new volks FCS white (which is what Ermengarde matches).
1) First choice: Dollstown 13b body pinkywhite (another pic, 13b in the middle):
I love Dollstown sculpt. And since Ermengarde matches new volks white I think DT pinkywhite will probably work. Favorite: starving ballerina body. Not my favorite: the flipper hands & feet, and waist joint. But well sculpted none-the-less!
2) ShinyDoll Thaasa Body: recommended by St. James! They use it on their Anastasia. Favorite: Amazingly poseable and balanced. Has kneeling legs etc. Not my favorite: sculpting seems a bit one dimensional on hands, bust etc.
3) CP normal white: not skinny enough? Favorite: CP hands. Not my favorite: eh. shrug.
Honorable mention: I can’t wait to see the Muse Doll bodies. They look very lithe and lovely. But I imagine they won’t be selling them for some time.
Please to be making suggestions!

Fifi’s Flamingo

First day of summer and the jasmine is blooming fiercely right outside our windows. It is a whopping 87 degrees in El Cerrito, so the scent is heavy and gorgeous.

There’s been quite a few worried inquiries as to where Fifi had gotten to. Well. We’d sent her off to finishing school for young ladies for the acquisition of a few ladylike airs. She’s back, and though she suffered through the brief delusion that she wanted to become a nun, she’s much improved. She and Aurelie get along famously, thick as thieves they are. Phew!
But Aurelie wanted to show off her new bonnet. She was more than miffed that I so neglected her at the Wonderland Tea. Here it is finally. The pattern and instructions will be available in The BJD Orbyrarium from Haute Doll done by the fantabulous Judy, who was kind enough to have a dolly bonnet day long tutorial a while back. I totally loved making it. It is like a sculpture. All hand sewn. And each piece of fabric is sewn onto the bonnet frame and then blind stitched, or what have you, to the next piece. My instructor’s voice still rings in my ears: “NO VISIBLE STITCHES!” Quite a feat, I tell you. Now, to make a dress to go with. *falls over*

Japanofile Ephemera

Going through stuff… a bunch of things from some of our outings that haven’t been sorted yet. And some of it is really neato! Below is the cover of an old needlework/lace making magazine. And I got a couple old Tatler’s from 1935 that are seriously rocking my socks. It is all fashion and lingerie ads. *swoon!*

Also reading Haute Doll more closely… so fun! So many of my friends and dollies. Fifi is writing a letter to the editor though as her picture wasn’t attributed. Teehee. She finally makes it to the BIG TIME and they don’t mention her name!

Happy Birthday Fifi!

Today, Fifi Mahony is two years old! I thought I’d create a little retrospective of my bad face-ups all her various looks. Last time I redid her I had every intention of doing something completely different, but she would have none of it.
So! Two years ago today I got my first big box of dolly doom! And tomorrow, I pick up my second SD13 white FCS girl. Funny that they are so close together! Uncanny really. O, the aquarius’ will be out to get me!
Fifi arrived w/ totally not the face-up I had requested from one of the only sources then available at the time. You weren’t even sure what the FCS choices were and I was told I was lucky I got the wig I requested 0_o. I never would have believed then that in two years I would be ordering FCS in our own LA sumika w/ Mikey! *swoon*


Dear Ms. Becky Head,
Thank you for your inquiry.
Your Dollfie is arriving around 20th of January at Tenshino Sumika in LA.
We will contact you by e-mail when it is arrived.
Please drive safely on the way from San Francisco. We are expecting your
And as for dolpa after event, we are sorry to say, it is only held in Japan.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.
VOLKS USA Web Service Center

Doot-di-doo! My FCS order is almost ready! Also, that is Fifi’s birthday! That is the weekend I wanted to go down. Should I just make a hotel res and hope they email on the 20th and drive down on the 21st? Or should I wait and go the next weekend? Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! If I didn’t hear by friday night I could always cancel a hotel res as long as they have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
What to do! I am so impatient! Also, no after even in LA. Well, I didn’t really expect one but thought I’d ask ^_^ hopefully they’ll get some of the loot though!
Also, I am very happy to still have the, if not broken, then very japanized english response to my queries. It just feels right.