Crawling from the wreckage

Do people actually like apples and nuts on their salads and pizzas??? Or is it just me that runs screaming from such gastronomic nightmares?
Seriously, as much as I love the fresh food revolution I go absolutely ballistic, and verbally so, everytime I see a pumpkin & pine-nut tamale at the artisinal grocery store. Dude, freak out.

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I Cari Estinti

Picked this up last night: Marion Peck’s I Cari Estinti (The Dearly Departed). Sentimental portraits of small children and pets.
You can picture how fast my little legs took me to the check out counter at the downtown Berkeley comic shop. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! The little girl above is how I picture Imogen. Just perfectly. I even have a wig similar. Sigh. I lurves her so much!
Marion Peck favorites: Hair, Divine Swine, and The Happy Captain!

Glasses Redux

Teehee. Regarding this post.
I’m the luckiest girl in the world! The very nice technician doing my eye tests asked if I liked vintage frames, since they had unearthed a couple boxes in the storage rooms, all in their original plastics and entirely virgin.
Zounds! Says I.
Low and behold, they pull out a tray of very lovely vintage frames, some with shiney stones, some without. I ask them how much they are, since the price will greatly effect my decision making, and my insurance will only cover the first $100. He says, what the lady wants methinks the lady should have. Does a little fake math, proclaims them covered, and the frames are FREE to me. So I picked out a lovely pair of rootbeer frames with pearl & opalescent rhinestone accents, very much in a similar shape to my current pair and AM HAPPY.
So happy I could peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Going to get my prescription updated for the first time in 2.5 years. I need it! But my glasses… wah. I’ve been wearing this same pair for SEVEN YEARS. They’re vintage and technically holding up really well. The hinges and rhinestones are all intact… but the old style plastic has turned all frosty on the arms and nose bridge on the inside. We’ve tried everything to restore. But they look embarrassing when you take them off.
So I’m thinking it is time to retire them. Sigh. I have a pair of Oliver Peebles that I barely wore that I might go back to. Get my monies worth out of them. But it is like cutting off my hair… will I still be me? Duh, of course, but… different. Bleh.
I skeered.
edit: also, vote! go vote or I will stab you. I’m so serious.

Memory Lane

Take the Blastmilk Tour! Kinda fun, I could get lost in there.
I found DeeDee Ramone’s guitar pick in my jewelry box the other day. It has made me… melancholic. I picked it up off the stage at Berkeley Square in ’83 or ’84. Perhaps the same concert as the ticket in my scrapbook.
Syd Barrett died.
And to make matters even more poignant, R.I.P. Cody’s Books. Oh, how my formative years have slipped away…
I looked up a past acquaintance. He was the suave King of New Wave in Berkeley circa 1984, after being the Prince of Punk Rock a few years previous. Once I shocked him by appearing in public without make-up (at 16 I wore a lot, a la crazy new wave influences). Startled, he suavely blurted “Oh my god. You’re ugly!” I wasn’t and I’m not, but it is amazing how these things STICK in your head. I saw him again ten years later, it was laundry day and I was in these huge awful pants and my hair was unkempt (so what else is new?). He was in fucking birkenstocks and I still wanted to crawl in a pit of shame and die. In any case, it looks like he’s written a book about his young Berkeley Punk Rock exploits, pdf on Mr. Sunshine is all hearts and flowers now. Irony! Sigh. Oh, the assholery of youth. How thou doth scar.
I’m 37. Imagine the meandering mind at 86! Guh!

Oh! Sweet Xmassy Blastmilky Goodness!

It is all Mythosidhe’s fault. But holy cow! Tonner is determined to win me over to the dark side. First with their Alice line which I am still resisting reluctantly… but this… THIS! I don’t think I can resist.
Mrs. Claus & The Elves.

Mrs. Claus Basic and one of her outfits. Squee, veritably. I love her face actually. Which is a first for me and Tonner. Aieeee! I just noticed she’s on the Emme “plus sized” body! Hardly pudgy, just more girl-sized really. I love it. Emme has a fugly face, which makes me sad. Cuz it is a great idea. *bounce*
Which brings us to… their Cinderella series! Hortencia is also using the plus sized body. She’s lovely, but the series doesn’t impress me as a whole like I feel it should.

Wee holiday

Took the day off today. Finished production on yet another iteration of the corporate website and I’m totally beat. I had to work through some pain and illness so I was pretty ill tempered at work. Just hoping it didn’t show too much :p
So yesterday, when the site was live and I was pretty sure the kinks had been worked out, I demanded a holiday and got it. Phew!
So I’m happily surfing the internet and drinking too much coffee. In my pj’s. I’m so behind! LJ: I was lucky if I could scan my fllist looking for pretty pictures. DOA: poking my head in to voice an opinion now and again. Home: my mother in law is coming next week so we’ve been spring cleaning. Needed to anyway as we had a bad mildew problem what with all the rain this spring and the fact that where our house is used to be a marsh. So everything had to be moved away from the outside walls and cleaned. Hence the selling. Not that my stuff is moldy!!! Just need to get rid of some of this stuff…
I need to revisit my to do list now that I am out of production mode. I did manage to fix the notification features with the blog, so it is working now, or appears to be! Thanks to support (my host) who are AWESOME and know their shit and if they don’t they find out. I’ve been with them for almost six years now, with hardly a complaint. And they NEVER, EVER have gone down. EVER. Just wanted to say. ♥.
Wow, I guess I felt the need to update, huh?
I’ve been a little disconcerted about how cookies or whatever let ad servers track you all over the internet. I noticed last year sometime that Lane Bryant ads were being served at me everywhere I went and I was all “how do they know I’m fat!?!?! wtf.”
But whatever.
Speaking of… some of the spring stuff is sooper cool. They’re carrying on a bit with the vintage/historical costume theme. I picked up this amazing blouse the other week though it doesn’t look like it is on the site anymore. In the softest white cotton w/ pale blue stripes it is totally a 1830’s drop sleeve inspired top. With large pintucks the sleeves drop of the shoulders and then poof. I could get all Brontësque and still wear jeans. Weeeee!
OMG, I’ve been talking to you for an hour. I hope to go look at little chihuahua doggies today. Weee!