Shopping for Aging Schlubby Goth Girls

For my as yet confirmed spring vacation to an undisclosed location (yes, including new collar for the Butter girl). Shopping spree at Women’s Plus. Neutrals for this season are still greys and navys. Yeah!!!! Jersey dresses with schlubby sneakers are perfect vacation/weekend wear.
And finally found a shower curtain I love at And a couple gothic cottage bathroom accessories.
Gothic Cottage Style: something I made up to describe stuff I like. Rustic vintagey apothecary with Gothic Revival elements. Gothic Revival sans the Vampire Chic of modern gothic decor. Neutrals are off-white and soft greys with slashes of dark grey and black and bright colors.
And for Valentines Day I got the Red Queen “Alice in Wonderland” hoodie from Torrid store. I think they’ve sold out from the websites. So, go me! Ima goob.
alice-hoodie.jpg Gorgeously Girly for the Pleasantly Plump

(And you skinny girls too!)
Ran across this link recently on another plumpy blog (don’t remember where) and fell in love with the blastmilky styling of many of their tops and tunics. They have extensive sizing up to 24W (and custom tailoring for anything else), but you can easily customize the sleeve length, neckline, and tunic length of any of their blouses. Since the price was reasonable I gave it a go.
My frequent gripe is sleevelessness. as much as I’d like to be all free and easy, I have terrible scarring on my upper & under arms that I’m not too keen to show off. I was able to add little cap sleeves to this peachy piece, it is very victorian underwear-tastic. In two weeks I had received my custom taylored romanti-girly cotton voile tunic that is to die for. With little cutie sleeves!
It is perfect. I’m emptying my piggy bank all over that place.

Zomg. Swimsuit!

1349554.jpgI’ve been vaguely shopping for swimsuits for the past couple years, never quite finding something that fits the cute AND flattering criteria so important to fashion savvy chubby funsters… until now. With the amount of time we spend at big ass hotels in Tahoe and Reno, it is a shame not to take a plunge in their ridiculously luxurious pools.
And then [queue the dreamy music] I saw this. An empire waisted swimdress, square neckline, polkadot bodice with buckle detail, and an a-line skirt that skims past the waist, coming to rest finally mid-thigh. That’s right. It is proper mini-dress length. ZOMG! It has super boob support, with armholes cut high-enough under the arms to hold all your squishy bits in. Dreamy!!! I kid you not, I was ready to put on some combat boots and hit the discos in this thing.
Lane Bryant. YAY.
Sad bit is, I realized that this is the first bathing suit I’ve had since, um… puberty. D’oh! That is more a reflection on the state of swimsuit designs for the past *cough* thirty years than it is of my modesty. Nyah.

Fangirl Project: Becky aka Kallisti

Ha-ha, omg I’m retarded. K, thx.

Seriously though, the Fangirl Project girls were t’awesome! I was a bit under the weather, so neglected to wear my tutu. Damn.

Those are my curtains and new couch. Yay!

You can vote for this pic… but I just can’t compete with the gorgeous Miss Jessica. Fab!


I don’t have them very often. Are my drag queen roots showing???
Aside from that, we’ve gone into production on a new website at work, which has me MIA for a while. That’s why I’m looking at, uh… shoes. Hahahaha!

Get thee to the Lane Bryant, pudgy goth girls!


The first two are the same blouse, but you can see detail better on the white. It is very see-through, but very CUTE with ruffles. The stripey babydoll next to it is satiny, and very tim-burtonesque. Which is happy making.
Some of this stuff is already on sale and I’ve had to order online. But wowie, I haven’t been this excited for a long time!
Did I say something about trying to add more color to my wardrobe??? Bah!


K, I bought that first jacket a couple weeks ago, and have been wearing it TO PIECES. Works with jeans, works with slacks. Yes. Uh, and more houndstooth, booyah!


Aaaaaaaaaand, zee cutest li’l jumper set evar. It is black knit over stripe t-shirt.
And we haven’t even hit the Velvet Season™ yet!

Phat Ladies Ahoy!

James Gillray is my true love.
And no, it is not a mistake that the pudgy funster on the right looks like Charles James Fox. o_0

“Following the Fashion” a December 1794 caricature by James Gillray, which satirizes incipient neo-Classical trends in women’s clothing styles, particularly the trend towards what were known at the time as “short-bodied gowns” (i.e. short-bodiced or high-waisted dresses). This caricature satirizes the figure-type which is most flattered by high-waisted dresses, contrasting it with a body-type which was not flattered by the style — as well as playing on the perennial struggle between attempts of the “Cits” (families of rich merchants in the City of London area) to imitate the stylish aristocrats of west London, versus the determination of the aristocrats to socially repulse the Cits, and consider them to be still unstylish.
Text in image:
“St. James’s giving the Ton: a soul without a body” [i.e. bodice]
“Cheapside aping the mode: a body without a soul.”

I love fat ladies in art. Unfortunately, most of them are unflattering caricatures. But because I don’t find fat unflattering, I love them anyways. And that last drawing “Dido in Despair” makes me unbelievably happy.

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Sometimes you just gotta

Buy a sailor girl t-shirt! From…
I was in Lane Bryant yesterday looking at their stripey-tees. The overly enthusiastic sales girl pontificates that she doesn’t know why they sell them, one simply musn’t wear horizontal stripes evar. “But they’re piratey,” says I, grabbed one and checked out.
Judy Blume wrote that fat girls should never wear frillies or pink or lace. I’ve had a complex since I was eleven that at thirty-eight I’m just now getting over and I don’t care if I look like a 200 pound milk-maid. rawr! Milk this!
On another note, my blog is swamped with half-written unpublished posts. I’ve been too busy to finish anything of note, and haven’t been online from home much for aaaaages. Which is good for me! I’m working diligently on health isssssues. The dollies look pretty, but secretly blame me for neglect. Things should be back to normal after Dollectable and the Europe trip. My parents are all moved to their new digs, and one final, GLORIOUS, piece of family furniture is coming to live with us. Life has been moving and hectic. Dear dorries, I’m sorry!
Fruit and nuts in my salad and on my pizza still make me red with rage. I guess I’m in the minority. I’m a milk maid and the only real condiment is cheese.

And I leave you with one final image: Fleurs et Poissons… what’s that all about!?!?!