One reason not to loathe Berkeley

The bookstores!
I don’t loathe Berkeley… but one always has a love/hate relationship with one’s hometown.
We went bookstore trawling last Saturday. Not only did I pick up an ARMLOAD of cool dolly clothing/pattern/costume books (mostly on antique dolls) at Half Price Books, but found these two gems at Black Oak.

Lewd & Notorious: Female Transgression in the 18th Century Edited by Katherine Kittredge
Breaking The Codes: Female Criminality in Fin-de-Siècle Paris by Ann-Louise Shapiro (with some amazing prints)

So yeah, I spent my haircut money on books. YAY!

Japanofile Ephemera

Going through stuff… a bunch of things from some of our outings that haven’t been sorted yet. And some of it is really neato! Below is the cover of an old needlework/lace making magazine. And I got a couple old Tatler’s from 1935 that are seriously rocking my socks. It is all fashion and lingerie ads. *swoon!*

Also reading Haute Doll more closely… so fun! So many of my friends and dollies. Fifi is writing a letter to the editor though as her picture wasn’t attributed. Teehee. She finally makes it to the BIG TIME and they don’t mention her name!

Peekture Projekt, Part I

This is going to be the longest post in the world. And it is only the first half!
Spent yesterday running around with a camera. Sorry these are not quite in order. I’m too disorganized for that :/ Please click on thumbnails for nice big peektures.

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Bertola’s Restaurant Menus circa… a long time ago!

No drinks over 50¢… All drinks Man sized! A two part menu for the restaurant and their take-out offshoot “The Side Door.”
Chickens serving cocktails, it just don’t get much better than that.

Bertola’s Restaurant was a local favorite when my brother and I were growing up along the San Pablo Ave. corridor. Gramma used to take us on the weekends. Weeeeeeeeee!

Old rag

So. I weeded out five crates of books last night to sell or take to the free book exchange at the El Cerrito recycle center. It got rid of all the books stuffed into crevasses and left a few nice wholes for expansion.
If we can swing it we might box up a bunch and put them in storage in the garage. If I can bear it.
But I found something Mr. Kallisti brought back for me from one of his many trips to the free book exchange! It is an early 70’s crochet magazine, I’m assuming it is Japanese. But he brought it home because of the doll on the back cover:

And one of the fab pix inside:

Now, where are my Oshare dolls? They were supposed to be released in November. *sniff*