French Prints: Fashion Plates & Louis-Leopold Boilly & Little Napoleon

French Prints at the Sugar Shack

And the craziest china cabinet we could find... full of glowy uranium depression glass and antique absinthe collectables!
And the craziest china cabinet we could find... full of glowy uranium depression glass and antique absinthe collectables!

I’ve been collecting these french prints for a few years now, this is the first time any of them has made it up on the wall!  We’ve grouped them together above a crazy art deco cabinet we got to house all the depression glass and absinthe collectibles.

The piece de resistance, a pair of large framed prints, were recently acquired at the Alameda Antiques Faire, I nearly fell over myself to get these, and the price was amazing. Shall I tell you? $75 for the pair.  The artist, Louis-Leopold Boilly, is an obsession of mine, seeing as his career straddled the Ancien Régime all the way through the Post-Napoleonic period. This pair of prints Defends Moi & La Lecon D’union Conjugal also reference the famous Before & After by Hogarth: depicting the struggle of seduction, and the exhaustion of surrender.  These are from the Directoire Period, circa 1797!

Thanks to Google Books for this quote:

“During the Directoire, Boilly produced a number of compositions, of which a good many were executed by an engraver of no very great talent, named Petit. Prints such as ” Defends-moi,” ” Tu saurais ma pensee,” ” Ah ! qu’il est sot ! ” and others in the same style are fairly common, and not particularly worthy of attention. On the other hand, certain coloured and uncoloured prints after Boilly have within recent years attained a considerable rise in value. ” — French Prints of the 18th Century

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The rest are Directoire Period Fashion Plates & Kissing Games, Famous and Infamous Madames du Lettres: Mme de Staël, Mme Roland & Mlle Lemornand, a tiny print of the Palais du Justice & Conciergerie (last holding place of Marie Antoinette and so many others who went to the guillotine), and a tiny victorian miniature of Little Napoleon himself. Oh, and don’t forget the tiny dime store vase featuring Madame Recamier, the famous beauty of the Directoire and Empire!

On Collecting: I’m fascinated by Georgian & Victorian collectors, my stepmom just sent me this Guardian UK article (by AS Byatt no less) to a new book out on the subject: Magpies, Squirrels and Thieves

Edgar Allan Poe: Happy 200th!

As we celebrated the almost inauguration of our super cool president, I remembered to light a little candle to Edgar. When I suddenly realized it was his 200th birthday. Looks like someone else noticed too.
Edgar Allen Poe
January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849

Hugs and Dark and Sparkly kisses to my Sepulchritudinous co-horts, who have been stabbing birthday cakes in Edgar’s name for many these long gloomy years. Especially Bat, who started when she was like, eight.

4th Generation Californian


My grandmother! Kate Overstreet (Prince O’Brien) circa… erm, mid 1920’s.
Ran across cousin Andy’s repository of family pictures, and there are a bunch I’d never seen. My grandmother’s family hails from just south of San Jose, in Hollister. They were fruit farmers… all those vintage california fruit crate labels? Casa de Fruta? Neighbors anyway. Yeah, that was us ^_^
Sailor Ralph!Aunt Edith in old-fashioned bathing costume
I found these after the photoshoot I did the other day, honest! I was tickled to see this one of my uncle in a sailor suit and my great aunt Edith sporting it up in what even then was an old-fashioned bathing costume.
You can see a gallery of the Prince/Overstreet family on flickr!
I like to share.

Sometimes you just gotta

Buy a sailor girl t-shirt! From…
I was in Lane Bryant yesterday looking at their stripey-tees. The overly enthusiastic sales girl pontificates that she doesn’t know why they sell them, one simply musn’t wear horizontal stripes evar. “But they’re piratey,” says I, grabbed one and checked out.
Judy Blume wrote that fat girls should never wear frillies or pink or lace. I’ve had a complex since I was eleven that at thirty-eight I’m just now getting over and I don’t care if I look like a 200 pound milk-maid. rawr! Milk this!
On another note, my blog is swamped with half-written unpublished posts. I’ve been too busy to finish anything of note, and haven’t been online from home much for aaaaages. Which is good for me! I’m working diligently on health isssssues. The dollies look pretty, but secretly blame me for neglect. Things should be back to normal after Dollectable and the Europe trip. My parents are all moved to their new digs, and one final, GLORIOUS, piece of family furniture is coming to live with us. Life has been moving and hectic. Dear dorries, I’m sorry!
Fruit and nuts in my salad and on my pizza still make me red with rage. I guess I’m in the minority. I’m a milk maid and the only real condiment is cheese.

And I leave you with one final image: Fleurs et Poissons… what’s that all about!?!?!

Memory Lane

Take the Blastmilk Tour! Kinda fun, I could get lost in there.
I found DeeDee Ramone’s guitar pick in my jewelry box the other day. It has made me… melancholic. I picked it up off the stage at Berkeley Square in ’83 or ’84. Perhaps the same concert as the ticket in my scrapbook.
Syd Barrett died.
And to make matters even more poignant, R.I.P. Cody’s Books. Oh, how my formative years have slipped away…
I looked up a past acquaintance. He was the suave King of New Wave in Berkeley circa 1984, after being the Prince of Punk Rock a few years previous. Once I shocked him by appearing in public without make-up (at 16 I wore a lot, a la crazy new wave influences). Startled, he suavely blurted “Oh my god. You’re ugly!” I wasn’t and I’m not, but it is amazing how these things STICK in your head. I saw him again ten years later, it was laundry day and I was in these huge awful pants and my hair was unkempt (so what else is new?). He was in fucking birkenstocks and I still wanted to crawl in a pit of shame and die. In any case, it looks like he’s written a book about his young Berkeley Punk Rock exploits, pdf on Mr. Sunshine is all hearts and flowers now. Irony! Sigh. Oh, the assholery of youth. How thou doth scar.
I’m 37. Imagine the meandering mind at 86! Guh!

The Gay Nineties!

We had some of these as children. Probably from our Grandmother??? They’re 1950’s I believe but I remember the 3-D quality of the pictures as well as the “lace” edging ^_^ They’re mini placemats, about 5×8″, of pressed and coated cardboard. This is the kind of crap I’m bringing home all the time. They’re magical. And completely sentimental.

K, I’m going to go watch Babes in Toyland again.