Sometimes a broccoli and gorgonzola salad just doesn’t cut it. I may have to go for the ramen later. Need salt. Also, the new tofu I was trying to ween myself onto just isn’t doing it for me (it is half the price of the stuff I usually get for lunch). I will switch back to the baked/pressed kind. This fluffy flavored stuff is just making me naseous. Wrong texture.
See, even though I love the meat products, I still eat like a vegetarian half the time. I make my meat count.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn.

My Death Clock sez I’m going to live til: Wednesday, December 22, 2060
Woooo! That is a good long time. Rad. Just enough time to watch the oceans boil and the ice caps melt and San Francisco turn into Hawaii. Aloha!
Also found this postcard on ebay:
It’s a motel in El Cerrito/Richmond (it’s right on the border), and my first home when I was a wee infant was right on the hill behind it, and my Grandmother lived just down the street. Now it is El Cerrito’s only crack motel. But they’ve since built a restaurant on stilts in the front parking lot which musta gone up soon after this postcard was taken because it’s been there since I was a baby. Now it is the best Thai restaurant ON THE PLANET, Sa Wooei. I will try to buy this postcard.
I collect postcards, btw. Send me your old motel & haufbrau postcards!
Poor Calamity, I’m going to repaint her from scratch. From several (too many) angles she looks like she has down syndrome. So disappointing because her eyes are really well painted! Just, erm, too far apart and wall-eyed. Cry.
Also, I sold my camera yesterday to . Wooo! And I’m getting my car fixed tomorrow which is WAY past due.

Blythe Gathering, weee!

blytheday 036

blytheday 002

blytheday 004

blytheday 023


There were A LOT (34? 37?) of blythes and a lot of cameras!

Quick rundown: 12 of us (including 3 spouses! howz that for dedication!?!) met at the Wishbone shop on Irving in San Francisco. After a quick headcount we headed over to Manny’s (sp?) Thai and took half the tables. Luckily the place was empty! There was more Blything than food but the food was reeeeal good. We then trekked into the park (not far) to the Japanese Tea Gardens for some exquisite photo opportunities. We got lots of stares and comments, and folks taking pictures of our dolls and of us taking pictures. Three Japanese girls squealed with delight when they saw us and took some pictures, and got really excited when Devon and I whipped out the Super Dollfies. Weeee!
It was overcast, cold and windy, but our pix still came out a little over exposed in the Tea Garden. It was an awesome and sweet day. So happy to meet and re-meet everyone!
*hearts hearts hearts*

Spring has Sprung

First off I would like to congratulate my brother whose meat blog, to which I sometimes contribute, got a mention in Gourmet Magazine this month.
I am super pleased that I’ve been quoted in the magazine for saying “so awesomely yummy.” Yay! Just what I want to be remembered for. But he did refer to my Sukiyaki… which was so awesomely yummy I would probably write the same thing again.

So, it is the first day of Spring, which has actually sprung in California. Neener to the rest of the country. Nyah!
Here’s Fifi in her new duds, and yes, she has a tiara on:

“Just because you can not see the tiara does not mean it isn’t there.” -Hespeth